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  1. The Bolas Aren’t Working! I don’t know if this is just me or not, but it seems that I cannot use the bolas. I have tried using them in both button formats (with AND without) and the swinging animation does not play. Does a wild dino have to be highlighted in order for the bola to start swinging so that I can throw it? Please let me know if others are having the same trouble and if there’s any way it can be fixed without having to wait for an update. You basically can’t tranq a Tapejara without one, unless you use a chain bola.
  2. Also, there needs to be some carnivore control on mobile, too.. I can’t for the life of me find an Equus, even in the places where they’re usually found! They’re a piece of hay in a needle stack at this point..
  3. That’s true. They would also need the funding, though. But I’d say they have it from all the expansions people buy... Dunno.
  4. That’s true. I do hope they at least add the Ovis. We need that mutton tbh!! Then again, thats why they have kibble/super kibble..
  5. I agree. They should add some mobile-exclusive stuff to really make it special.
  6. oooh, I hope so! The downside is that we may have to PAY for the new map... Y’know, if it’s any DLC.
  7. Yes, they are! the giant komodo dragon (Megalania, i believe) can also do that, and i guess every dino/animal has its perks and special abilities. thats what makes having them so fun and useful, depending on what you tame.
  8. That may seem so for you, but i usually have a hard time finding them. i spent an hour or so flying all around the map trying to find a female one to make kibble :,) also yeah bug fixes. my quetzal glitched into the ground when i was trying to tame her but i was lucky and i could still check her inv to feed her narcs and biotoxins
  9. For those who play Ark: Mobile, which dinos should the devs put in the next big update? What else should they add? Personally, I think they should [eventually] add Thylacoleos. Tapejaras are quite useful, but they are extremely hard to find and tame. I know the Thylacoleos are rare as well, but it would be nice to have those big-toothed fluffballs around, especially for PvP! It would also be really cool if the devs added DLC, although it would probably have to be paid for (but thats not much different from tbe PC/Xbox/PS4 versions, obviously) What are your thoughts/opinions?
  10. I also agree. This should be a thing! Lots of people like the Play As A Dino feature, and I think that it should be added into the next big update!!
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