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pvp ASA [NEW] Stealth 3 maps 5xAll 300Dinos in game Shop - Starter Kits - Crossplay 

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Welcome to Stealth This is a brand NEW Cross play server cluster join our discord and become a part of our community. 
Stealth admin team will be announcing events and seeking suggestions from our community.
We currently have three maps with plans of expanding to other modded maps as well as every map that comes out officially


Server Info :

Name: [NEW] Stealth -Island- 5xAll 300Dino/Shop/Kits/Crossplay 

Name: [NEW] Stealth -ScorchedEarth- 5xAll 300Dino/Shop/Kits/Crossplay

Name: [NEW] Stealth -Amissa- 5xAll 300Dino/Shop/Kits/Crossplay

Server Settings :
All XP X5
Harvesting X5
Taming X5

Breeding Rates : 
Baby Mature Speed x2
Egg Hatch Speed x3
Mating Interval 0.3
Imprint x50 - Imprints in 2/3 
Imprinting Stat Scale Multiplier x5
Dino Stats increased X4 to x5

Player Stats :
Player Stats increased X3 to x5

Utilities Plus 
Admin Panel 
Custom Dino Levels 
Greenhouse Glass Fix 
PVP Scoreboard 
Resonant's Shop Mod 
Solo Farm Mod 
Pelayori's Cryo Storage (Crossplay!) 

Amissa Has 3 more mods (All Free)
Amissa Additions 
Amissa Structures

Everything Else :
Lvl 300+ Dinos 
Flyer carry 
Flyers Speed can be Increased 
Only Wipe If necessary 
Custom Loot Dops 
In Game Shot With Starter Kits and More 
Join for more info . Much more to Come !


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