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pvp New ASA Server! New4/7,x50,solo/duo,customdrops,fasttame/breed

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Got a new server going, wanting to get a stable community going so we can open up other maps. Right now it is just the island, but will open up scorched earth when we get more population and other maps as they get released. 


Scorched earth added 5/8 into the cluster! 

Server name: x50,Solo/Duo,Customdrops,Fasttame/breed

Loot drops being edited tonight 4/8! Come check them out and give us your feedback in the discord!

Server info:

Name: New4/7,x50,Solo/Duo,Customdrops,Fasttame/breed

Created on 4/7

50x harvest rate!

Custom loot drops!

Week ORP to build up!

Weekend pvp to have some fun!

Build wherever you want, there is artifacts in drops! 

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/vJRYmmvb

Come join us in some fun and help us build a fun community! 



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Modifying drops
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