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pvp PVP Island/Scorched 8x Rates QOL Mods Cluster!

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Come join us on Scorched or Island! 8x XP Gather Taming. 21 mods total including Gigantoraptor, additions ascended Dinos and the most popular Qol mods to save time. Dinos stats are slightly boosted. Player stats are slightly boosted. Biggest boost to weight and fortitude. I'm the owner, but there are no admins on this server. To make up for that there are auto dino wipes throughout the day, and a discord to make suggestions.

Server Names: 

PVP Island 8x Gather XP Taming QOL Cluster

PVP Scorched Earth 8x Gather XP Taming QOL Cluster

Discord: https://discord.gg/URryhsTGed

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