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pvp please remove

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⚔️ [ASA] Dive into the fray with our action-packed PvP server!
🔄 [Crossplay] Join from any platform for cross-platform mayhem!
👥 Small Community, Big Dreams: We're a tight-knit community eager to welcome fresh faces and build something extraordinary together.

🚀 Elevated Gameplay without the Grind: Tired of servers that feel like a second job? Look no further! Enjoy boosted rates that keep the excitement high without the time sink:

15x Harvest
10x Taming
50x Mature
25x Egg Hatch
5x Experience

🦖 Tailored Features for Maximum Enjoyment:

2-Man Tribes: Team up with a friend and conquer the Ark together!
1 Alliance: Forge strategic alliances to dominate the island!
Custom Drops: Discover unique loot in our tailored White, Green, and Blue Drops!
Slightly Increased Player Stats: Enhance your prowess for a truly legendary experience!
🔊 Join the Conversation: Connect with fellow survivors, strategize, and make new friends on our Discord server! **Invite Code: ZzcQ63myD7**

👑 Admin Transparency: Rest assured, we believe in fair play. With only one non-playing admin overseeing operations, we prioritize integrity and balanced gameplay. Additional admins may join in the future to enhance your gaming experience.

🌍 Expanding Horizons: Exciting plans are in the works! As new maps release, we'll be ready to expand and offer even more thrilling adventures. Currently, embark on your journey on the Island Map!

Ready to embark on the ultimate Ark adventure? Join us at ArkPrimeGaming.com and start your epic journey today!

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