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pvp [ASA] Turark

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Search: ‘Turark’ in Unofficial servers.
6 Man PvP with Alliance Options! 
2 Max, consisting of 3 tribes.

Discord: qm4YxBHzbx


Community based settings. Optimizations and mods voted on.

Current Community set Rates:
20x Harvest by 2x Resource Strength
12x Mature Rates – 1 imprint, care ready in 12 minutes. 
Gigas fully raised in a day! 
20x Taming Speed
10x XP Multiplier w/Custom XP Multipliers
Tames have nearly infinite weight! (Lower levels will have less weight but mostly over 20k)
 Players get 100 pts per weight level.
10x Stack Sizes – Advanced Rifle Bullets will have 1k stacks.

Custom Engrams:
Unlock Flak, Bullets, Turrets, Gens , and etc by level 50.

Advanced Rifle Bullets, Sniper Bullets, Cementing Paste, Narcotics, Metal ingots, and More and is easier to craft by 50%+

Custom highly boosted drops.

Custom Creature Spawns on herbi/carni island, and more.

Join the discord community!

Admin Starter pack is available on ***request*** 

Mods: **Kibble Machine** – buy all kibble with raw metal! 
**CryoPods/Fridges** – cheap early game pods. End game PCS chambers with Cyro terminal – auto Baby Trap! Sucks up unclaimed babies into chambers. Instantly imprints to player when thrown.
Egg incubators, Baby Holder (looks like an egg incubator)
**More Weapons! **
**Discovery World**- Tek Dinos, Basis, Reapers, Wyvrens, Golems, More Weapons, and More!     – Limiting as many mods as possible for Console players – full list in discord.



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