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We are a old gaming community from ASE looking to start an amazing ARK experience with all of you. Good mods and high breeding rates for all you mutation enthusiasts!
Map: The Island (Center Cluster will be made after release)
250+ Discord Members
Server Settings:
➡️x15 Harvest
➡️Breeding: x50
➡️Ingame Shop
➡️Max Player Level: 105 (not including chibi and ascension)
➡️Max Wild Dino Level: 225
➡️6 Man Tribes
➡️1 Alliance
➡️Friendly & helpful admins
➡️Ticket system for fixes and assistance
➡️Events, prizes & giveaways
➡️Boosted drops (a few are modded)
➡️Stack mod
➡️No Clip (Build into terrain)
➡️Special colour events such as Easter & Summer Bash!
➡️Anyone can imprint!
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