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We’re having out first Deathmatch Event this Saturday!! This event is for Raptors, breed your best pack of Raptors and step into the Arena for a chance at a **prize**. Easy for newcomers to join and enter.

We also have a Find the Shiny Dino ongoing! There are 4 brightly colored rexes roaming the Islands that are full of special prize loot.



Tame Rate: 6x

Harvest Rate: 5x

Hatch: 50x with InstaHatch events. (This allows for Rhynio taming)

Maturation: 45x (Rex 2 hrs, Giga 5.5 hrs)

XP Rate: 2x

Drops Boosted: 2x

Max Wilds: 150





Cryopods MOD

Death Item Gravestone MOD

Solo Farming MOD

PvP Scoreboard MOD

Custom Dino Level MOD

Better Breeding MOD

Ark Additions Creatures MOD

Raiding/Dino Hunting events

Deathmatch Arenas with prizes

The Ark is still fairly new. There’s lots of open land to claim, the community is friendly to new players and will not wipe you before you can get established. Our goal is to create a fun PvP environment with active people, so admins will ensure newcomers can get to a comfortable point so as to make for fun PvP later. We are a casual/moderate PvP server in Ark Survival Ascended.

We run rates and limited mods with the intention to keep the spirit of vanilla Ark while adding quality of life changes and timers that cater to the avid Ark player that also has to deal with the responsibilities of life outside of Ark.

Perfect server for ideal Ark Casual PvP modded and boosted just enough for a good gaming/life balance. Server is still pretty new!

Join our discord!!


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