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pvp Apex Survival Duos! Zero Lag! 25x No Wipe Duos! Custom Content!

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Apex Survival Community
Apex Survival is a growing community of Ark Ascended Players! We focus on bringing you the best servers with a Lag-Free Experience! To Join Today- Make sure you have selected Show Player Servers in the bottom right of the server list and look up Apex Survival! We host all servers on custom fully built machines to ensure the best performance and lag free experience!
Available Servers
Currently We have Apex Survival Duos! See Rates Below Apex Survival 4 Mans Coming Soon!
Server Rates
Gather- 25x
Maturing- 50x
Hatching- 50x
Matting Cooldowns- 1-2 Hours
Tribe Limit- 2
Custom Drops!
Auto Engram Unlocker
Ark Shop
Custom Cryopods
Solo Farm
Utilites Plus
Cliff Platforms
Super Spyglass
Much More To Come!
Custom Content
Turret Filler Plugin! Automatic Donation Redeeming Plugin! Server InGame Shop! Many More Crazy Custom Plugins To Come!
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