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Sorting Engrams by Category and Technology Tier instead of just DLC/Map



Engrams should be able to be better sorted and ordered according to what your looking for besides just the maps and dlcs.

Now instead of just DLC you can also sort by Category and Technology Level. Using these 3 together as well as the search bar can help you find things especially when their names may be just a bit off from what you think and don't want to scroll through the huge wall of engrams to find it.

- Category -

These sort items based on what they are and the various uses and type of item they are. Like the craft able Resources in a Fabricator, or all the ammo types, or the tools for painting, or every saddle. You can even add Subsections to be more specific.

Structures - All peaceable structures, this includes all normal building pieces, Platforms, stations, systems like pipes or electricity, containers, decoration and deployable harvesters like Oil Rigs, Sap Taps and Gas Collectors.

Construction - Alternative version of Structures that only has building pieces that are not stations or containers, wires, pipes or the sort except for Ladders and Elevators. Only has building pieces of the Thatch, Wood, Stone, Metal, Greenhouse and Tek tiers. 

Equipment - Every player wielded, used or equipped item that is not just a consumeable, including Blood Syringe, all handheld tools and weapons including their ammo, all armor, GPS, dino tracker, waterskins, explosives.

- Subsections - Ammo, Weapons, Armor, Tools, Gadgets, Explosives, Misc

Saddles - Saddles

- Subsections - Aquatic, Terrestrial, Aerial, Platform, Industrial, Tek.

Resources - Everything that can be crafted as a resource that is used by other things or in crafting stations by the player like Mortar and Pestle, Fabricator and Element conversions.

Decor - Every item that doesnt have an immediate or very important obvious use in the game besides rpg value or decoration or just gas good decorative application, including chairs, tables, torches and lighting, mirrors, paintings, maps, rugs, trophy stands.

- Subsections - Furniture, Lighting, Wall Mounted, Floor.

Pilotables - Rafts, canoes, and manned seige weapons like ballistas and Catapults that players have to use manually.

Tools - Smaller section directly for all the useable non weapon items like paintbrushes, whips, scissors, pickaxe and axes, magnifying glass, spyglass, binoculars etc. Smaller and more specific than just Equipment. 

Agriculture - All subsection items related to crops and plots, compost Bins, re-fertilizer, pipes, greenhouse, Beer Barrels.

Industrial - Has every Fabricator or Industrial tier item including all electrical components and electricity powered objects.

Taming - All weapons use able for taming like the Club, Slingshot, all Bow types, all tranqing ammo, includes Catapults and such for Golems and Karkinos, Harpoon and its tranq Bolts, darts and long neck rifle, anything that aids in taming or is a taming food like Bug Repellant, Bola and Prod, traps like Bear Traps.


- Technology -

This sorts things by the tag or definition of what tier of technological advancement they are. For example - Spears, Campfires, Cloth Armor, and Stone Tools are all in the Primitive or Thatch tier. Each tier is represented by a material, or an item quality, depending on what fits the best.

Primitive/Thatch - Thatch building tier, Stone Tools, Cloth Armor, Campfire, Cooking Pot, Slingshot, Bow, Mortar and Pestle, Small Storage Box, Hide Sleeping Bag, Raft, Wooden Shield, Saddles below level 20.

Ramshackle/Wood - Wood building tier, Hide Armor, Large Storage Box, Bed, Refining Forge, Smithy, All metal Tools, Ammo and Weapons below level 40, Ghillie Armor, Flak Armor, Saddles below level 40.

Apprentice/Stone - Stone building tier, Stone Fireplace, higher tier metal tools and weapons above level 40, guns and ammo, fabricator, Bunk Beds, saddles below level 60

Journeyman/Metal - Metal building tier, more guns and their ammo, industrial stations, turrets, seige turrets, Saddles below level 80, 

Mastercraft/Polymer - Tek-like industrial items that are not Tek and dont require boss kills or Element to unlock/power like the Incubator. Very advanced items that are near basic level cap. Highest level Non-Tek saddles.

Ascendant/Tek - All Tek items and engrams.

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