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Darwinius (ancient Golden monkey)



Darwinius is a genus within the infraorder Adapiformes, a group of basal strepsirrhine primates from the middle Eocene epoch. Its only known species, Darwinius masillae, lived approximately 47 million years ago (Lutetian stage) based on dating of the fossil site.
The only known fossil, called Ida, was discovered in 1983 at the Messel pit, a disused quarry near the village of Messel, about 35 km (22 mi) southeast of Frankfurt, Germany. The fossil, divided into a slab and partial counterslab after the amateur excavation and sold separately, was not reassembled until 2007. The fossil is of a juvenile female, approximately 58 cm (23 in) overall length, with the head and body length excluding the tail being about 24 cm (9.4 in). It is estimated that Ida died at about 80–85% of her projected adult body and limb length.
The genus Darwinius was named in commemoration of the bicentenary of the birth of Charles Darwin, and the species name masillae honors Messel where the specimen was found. The creature appeared superficially similar to a modern lemur.
The authors of the paper describing Darwinius classified it as a member of the primate family Notharctidae, subfamily Cercamoniinae, suggesting that it has the status of a significant transitional form (a "link") between the prosimian and simian ("anthropoid") primate lineages.
Others have disagreed with this placement.
Concerns have been raised about the claims made about the fossil's relative importance and the publicising of the fossil before adequate information was available for scrutiny by the academic community.
Some of Norway's leading biologists, among them Nils Christian Stenseth, have called the fossil an "exaggerated hoax" and stated that its presentation and popular dissemination "fundamentally violate scientific principles and ethics."


In the game, unlike the existing Mesopithecus, it has a unique face and appearance similar to a Golden snub-nosed monkey, and is slightly larger than the Mesopithecus.
This monkey lives in a wide range of forests, caves, and snowy mountains, and is always alone.
They are omnivorous and may eat both berries and meat, and sometimes scavenge the corpses of living creatures.
Unlike Mesopithecus, they are curious about players and will observe them when they spot them.
However, he didn't come here to be tamed, he intended to observe, and if attacked, he would be hostile without question.
When hostile, they will perform a dung throwing attack that slows movement and reduces defense, or a scratching attack that causes blindness and bleeding with their powerful claws.
And on rare occasions, they may steal weapons, tools, etc. from players.
How to tame
The way to tame them is not passively handing them over, nor taming them in a coma, but in a special way.
As I said earlier, there are times when players steal weapons, tools, etc., and this is a major key to taming.
What I mean by that is, you get them to steal your tools or weapons on purpose.
When you steal a weapon or tool, a "monkey mark" will appear on Darwinius himself who stole it, and you will need to follow it and follow him.
If Darwinius sits down tired, hand him the food he requests and ask him to return any stolen tools or weapons.
If you exchange stolen items for requested food, your taming gauge will increase.
After resting for a few minutes, he will steal the tool or weapon again and go somewhere, so you chase him, and when you catch up, give him the food he requested, then return the stolen weapon or tool, and so on.
Repeat this until it reaches 100%, and the taming is complete.
However, please note that if the player attacks Darwinius during taming and Darwinius becomes angry and becomes hostile or is attacked by other creatures, the taming gauge will be reset, so please be careful.
After taming
Since it is larger than Mesopithecus, it rides astride the player as shown in the image (*The image is of a chimpanzee, but it is just an image).


*This is an image only.

Darwinius riding on the player will help the player.
For example, when a player is fighting in PVP, it is possible to attack by throwing feces, and if the feces are hit, it will reduce movement speed and defense power.
At close range, it will use its powerful claws to attack the player with a clawing attack that causes poor visibility and bleeding.
Furthermore, if you have a weapon or tool, if it is a gun type, it will automatically shoot when you are fighting, if it is a melee weapon such as a sword, it will be used for melee attacks. When it's running low, they'll let you eat and drink.
In some cases, it may automatically replenish before some effect wears off, or it may automatically fix debuffs.
It will also be useful for collecting later.
What's more, all materials obtained through harvesting are 80% lighter, so you don't have to worry about weight.
If you have any other good ideas, please let us know in the comments.

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