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Gojirasaurus: The Formidable Apex Predator Of The Wasteland



Common Name: Gojirasaurus

Species Name: Gojirasaurus Dominious

Time: Late Triassic

Diet: Carnivore

Temperment: Extremely Aggressive


Surprisingly larger in comparison to how large the fossilized skeletons I had seen were, Gojirasaurus Dominious is larger than Allosaurus but slightly smaller than the Rex. Despite that size factor, Gojirasaurus Dominious had managed to become one of the apex predators of the wasteland for a few good reasons. Though it maybe true that they are known to go after various different creatures. But their overall hatred is directed towards the corrupted creatures, as well as some of the stray robotic units that stray too far from the sanctuary. Gojirasaurus Dominious seems to have utilized both it's jaws, and strong powerful tail in terms of the brawling category. While it also possesses dorsal spines that it must've developed as a unique adaptation which allow it to not only absorb the energy of the element they tend to consume, but to also unleash it as either a powerful elemental breath of blue fire, or when it is completely surrounded, releases a pulse of energy to knock most surrounding foes back which allow for an easy escape for it. And to top it all off, it's just as fast as Allosaurus, though it's slower than Carnotaurus in comparison.


At first it wasn't known if it even is possible to tame a Gojirasaurus Dominious as it is immune to various tranquilizing substances, that was until I saw a few clever survivors manage to tame it by just dropping some element around it as an offering to it. As soon at it's tamed it, it had proven to be quite a very vital creature. I'd imagine that it would make dealing with hordes of corrupted creatures a bit easier due to it's formidable combat prowess. I fell like they would at least keep a stash of element on the creature at all times if they want it to be able to use it's remarkable abilities in combat as well. And who knows, maybe a few tamed Gojirasaurus Dominious could possibly stand a chance against the some of the Titans themselves.



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