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Inspired by Nycticebus linglom, a prehistoric primate known only from a single tooth as well as Slow lorises, the only venomous primate to exist. I figured that the Lorises venom could be adapt well to the idea of corruption and started brainstorming a bunch of ideas but feel free to share your own. Also, sorry in advance for the quality and typos! I'm a noob at making these!


Being a relatively small and solitary creature, the Loris spends most of its time in the canopy of trees, only ever coming down if an opportunity to grab an easy meal appears. A rare sight due to their nature and habitat the Lorises simian intelligence along with its unique attributes has enabled it to survive outside of the protective domes significantly easier than most creatures would.


The only venomous primate found on the Arks, the Lorises venom is a side effect of its diet which consists primarily of the corrupted flesh from wild creatures. This venom has a surprising amount of uses beyond just poisoning enemies that are bitten by the Loris.


Corrupted creatures seem to ignore the Loris, which I assume to be because they view it as one of them. This effect also seems to apply to those 
near a loris which leads me to believe it has something to do with the Loris' scent or perhaps pheromones given off by the creature via special glands.


In order to tame one of these odd primates survivors must offer them either corrupted nodules or corrupted hearts with hearts being the more effective of the two. Once tamed 
survivors will find that while not particularly useful in head-to-head combat the Loris does provide unique utility with its venom and other corruption-based abilities. The Lorises venom can be harvested and turned into a special elixir that when consumed can temporarily "corrupt" the consumer, granting them a boost in ferocity and causing 
wild corrupt creatures to ignore them. Should the Loris bite a wild corrupted creature or the creature of an enemy that creature can temporarily be forced onto your side.
Lorises also gather more corrupt materials when harvesting them and make it harder for wild corrupt creatures to notice nearby survivors and tames. Though it is too small to ride 
it can be equipped with a specialized saddle, similar to the Hyaenodon, with the Lorises saddle acting much like a chemistry bench.


To anyone who reads this, thanks in advance. I know it's not flashy or cool but I appreciate everyone who does. 


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