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Cryodrakon - A pterosaur with heavy equipment



Name: Cryodrakon

Species: Cryodrakon Boreas

Time: Late Cretaceous

Diet: Carnivore, Piscivore

Temperament: Calm, aggressive when you use weapons





Cryodrakon Boreas lives all around the Snow Dome. Its name means Cold Dragon. They're sitting on the rocks watching all kind of creatures and even humans until someone tries to interrupt their chilled life. This pterosaur has beautiful wings which it uses for mating, impressing the herbivore dinosaurs and confusing large carnivores. Roughly lucky pterosaur. This creature is hunting and fishing little critters in its area. The creature is attacking you when you hurt it. It steals your weapon which you use against it and all of your foods (meats, berries, soups etc.) from your inventory. 





Training a Cryodrakon in extreme conditions is very hard but with your patience and sense will succeed. A tamed Cryodrakon can communicate with wild ones which helps a lot in our mission. The survivors have found an experiment on the pterosaur, with a new fighter saddle, just like on the tropeognathus. They’ve put grenades and bombs in the saddle and tested to find out if they found useful next to the Tropeognathus or not. And the experiment was successful. The Cryodrakon is a bombing machine. It can be used for dive-bombing too. They’ve put mini guns on the saddle and placed them on the pterosaur's wings to kill creatures and take down enemy fighters. The rockets were placed under the wings of the Cryodrakon. They will combine the air force between Cryodrakons and tropeognathuses.



Taming method:


First, wait until it starts looking at you. When you are on sight

You need to throw one Prime meat (from your inventory). It slowly flies down to consume it. After all, it permits you to ride by bending its neck. When you are on it, it takes to the skies. You need to complete its requests in the air (same as the andrewsarchus taming mechanics but there is four arrows) to increase taming. When the taming percentage is 100% the pterosaur starts slowly landing and dismounts you.





1. It's good for exploring strange lands. 

2. You can tame other dinosaurs by communicating. The pterosaur shows its wings to impress the others and you can tame other Cryodrakons very easily.








At level 1:


Health: 765

Stamina: 550

Oxygen: 180

Food: 1750

Weight: 370

Torpor: 670

Melee damage: 100

Speed: 100


new items: 


Cryodrakon fighter saddle with a jet engine, grenade launchers, rocket launchers and mini guns. (available at lvl 90):


The grenades, rockets, Homing missiles are being used in PvP battles, base raids from the air, in solo mode for boss battles and titan taming.




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