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Jeholopterus - Corruption vampire




Jeholopterus - Corruption vampire

Extinction is map that is largely defined by it's corruption. Through out the wasteland are hundreds of corrupted creatures that are highly aggressive, that players must face in nearly every circumstance. There are many creatures that are great against corrupted creatures like the enforcer, but there isn't creature that specialises fighting against this corruption. Introducing - Jeholopterus, the dracula for the corrupted.

Species: Jeholopterus ninchengensis 
Time: Middle-Late Jurassic
Diet: Carnivore
Temperament: Aggressive

For once, I can say I'm lucky when it comes to coming across deadly animals across this wastelands. Jeholopterus is a small predator that only preys on element infested beast and has no interest on hariming non corrupted animals. They can be found all around the wasteland preying on unsuspecting infected organism. Alone these small aggressive flyers tend to hunt smaller corrupted animals like raptors, in a similar way to desmodus draculae. The creaute crapples down on smaller corrupted creatures and sucks out the element from them, killing the victim. 
Due to it's small size an unattended Jeholopterus is too weak to face off larger predaotrs, however I've heard from other survivors of large Jeholopterus packs hunting down corrupted dinosaurs like a rex. According to them, they saw the entire pack of these element suckers fly on to the tyrannosaurs back and begin to suck it's life out.
To make things worse for anyone corrupted, I've learned that the more Jeholopterus feeds on element, the more viscious and routhless they become. They become faster, stronger and even a small pack of 3 is enough to kill the strongest corrupted animal and that only leaves them more hungry for element.


Abilities and features:
A shoulder pet for your dinos:

Jeholopterus is a bit too large for it to be your average shoulder pet (about the same size as a seeker from aberration.) To carry them around, they will latch on to your tames and depending the size of your tame, you can carry multiple of them.

Latch ability:

Similar to the deinonychus, these small vampires will latch onto their prey and eat them alive. Combined this with the dino carrying mechanic, you can command an army of flying jehos on a large mount.

Tek and corruption mode:

Because the jeholopterus is all about eating element, it has two modes for taking out element invested foes.

The first is corrupted, this is all for taking out corrupted creatures and best suited for orbital supply drops and elemental veins. When this mode is active, every corrupted creature in the area will be highlighted in a purple outline, making them visible through to the terrain, making it impossible for them to hide from you. Besides that, this mode also gives them a massive buff against corrupted dinos. When a jeho latches onto a corrupted dino, the prey will get a massive speed debuff, damage degrees and will take more damage from other attacks (this ability will stack depending how many jehos are latched onto one creature). 
In this mode, jeho will be able to detect any orbital supply drop or elemental vein on the map.

And for a visual effect, the creature will have a purple tint.



The second is tek mode

Tek mode is perfect for PvP. This mode will outline anything tek related near them (Survivors wearing tek, tek structures, meks, tek creatures etc). The atennas on their head will have a tiny EMP ability that will disable tek turrets near them. They also do increased damage to anything tek and when latched onto a tek creature or mek, will significantly slow the victim down and drain them of their element, leaving them vulnerable to anything around them. For visual effect, the jeho will have a blue tint.


other notes:
•When hunting corrupted creatures, the Jeholopterus might have a chance to harvest unstable element.

•they will glow any dark places around them with their atennas.

This submission was inspired by the Scraplets from Transformers Prime

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