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Dracorex: The blood-lusted, spiky, corruption killer!




Dracorex Ingens:

Within the untamed landscapes of the Earth, the Dracorex stands as a formidable testament to nature's artistry in creation. Its presence is a harbinger of primal force, a creature whose very demeanor exudes an aura of unwavering aggression. One cannot help but be captivated by the eerie magnificence of this horned enforcer. Taming the Dracorex is a feat demanding both daring and cunning. To claim dominion over this fierce beast, one must undertake the audacious endeavor of stealing its precious egg, nurturing it to hatch, and then nurturing the newborn with the corrupted nodules that epitomize the Ark's enigmatic essence. Once tamed, the Dracorex reveals its true prowess, each ability echoing its wild nature. Its resplendent head adorned with formidable horns serves as more than mere ornamentation - it becomes a weapon of unyielding force. The Dracorex is capable of unleashing headbutts upon its adversaries, the very touch of its horns leaving a lingering mark that inflicts relentless bleeding. The ingenious adaptation of retractable spikes endows the creature with remarkable versatility, allowing it to switch between modes - one to induce bleeding, the other for torpidity, much like the versatile plates of a Stegosaurus. Yet, there is more to the Dracorex than brute force alone. Its battle-hardened hide insulates those in its vicinity, providing refuge from the elements akin to the mighty Dire Bear. In a display of primal might, it charges forth like a raging tempest, sending adversaries skyward, much like the legendary bull of old. The Dracorex's connection with the corrupted realm is undeniable. The very essence of corruption seems to amplify its power. Feeding the beast a few corrupted nodules awakens its bloodlust, causing its prowess to surge beyond measure, mirroring the transformative effects observed in the Ferox. This phenomenon, though uncanny, serves as a testament to the Ark's arcane underpinnings.


General overview: This dinosaur can be tamed by stealing an egg from one of its nests, much like wyverns, then feeding it corrupted nodules. It is an extremely aggressive creature that will stop for nothing to chase its enemy.  It has a horned head that houses retractable spikes which can cause bleed and torpor. In addition, when a survivor feeds the Draco enough corrupted nodules, it goes in a frenzy, with a +50% boost to all of its stats. Its scales provide insulation to survivors around it. 

Physical description: The Draco is between the size of a Carno and an Allo. It also has a spined ridge on its back and spikes close to its thighs, and more on its neck. It has two big horns that point forwards, like a bull. The Dracorex also has some of the corrupted purple veins, but it doesn't follow the hive mind. 

Abilities detailed descriptions:

  • Bloodlust mode: When the Draco eats a corrupted module, it gets absolutely ferocious, having a +50% boost to all of its stats.

  • Insulation boost: The Dracorex’s fur allows a survivor to cuddle close to him and warm up in cold areas.

  • Headbutt: Switch between torpor and bleed mode. The bleed inflicts damage on the creature, while the other mode deals torpor to creatures.

  • Corrupted conquest: The Draco deals extra damage to corrupted creatures.


Thanks to NLONF for the art and OccasionallyMalicious for the description of the Dracorex!

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