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Harpagornis Moorei - the stupendous slayer of the skies!



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“It always surprises me when I find extinct animals on the Ark that are so much larger than they should be! Such is the case with the Harpagornis Moorei, now a winged omen of death! Almost permanently flying as high as the Ark reaches, it never descends below a certain altitude and hunts anything that flies up to meet it.

Get too close and the Haast Eagle, as it’s informally known, shreds its prey with those enormous talons! Anything unlucky enough to be caught will quickly bleed out, and trying to outfly that winged terror when slowed is a recipe for a grisly end.

Taming the Haast Eagle takes aerial supremacy for any tribe; it must be knocked out high in the air, and a keen-eyed Survivor can look out for their nests atop mountains to signify an Eagle is high above!

Tamed Harpagornis are incredible battle-mounts, capable of lifting creatures bigger than itself and tearing them apart. I’ve seen a tamed Eagle build two nests across the Ark, flying between them by command without a rider! These could be useful for long-distance transport, and their nests are so cosy that they act as a primitive incubator for eggs!”

Art by the brilliant @timinybillybob - look him up on the webz!


So, you’re off flying round the Ark. It’s a lovely sunny day, you’re high above those Gigas, and the shield dome shimmers above. But wait, what’s that ahead?

You’ve flown too high, flown too close. The Haast Eagle has spotted you, and you’re going to have to get out of there!

Alright, so look, I know the Latin name was changed, but Harpagornis just sounds better.

I love flying round on Ark, as it’s easily the easiest way of getting around. Aberration even blocks fliers to make it harder. But still, jump on a Pteranodon, a Quetz, fly up and the only threat is running out of stamina. Maybe a Wyvern or Argy if you nip to the loo and forget to land somewhere safe, but still, the airspace of the Ark is too comfortable.

No longer! The Harpagornis was the largest recorded Eagle of all time, and was a fearsome hunter capable of taking down Giant Moa, performing strong attacks to knock its prey down. They were also similar to vultures, slurping out insides from corpses they would find.

“But it sounds like an Argy!” I hear you say. Yep, it’s a big bird boi!

The Harpagornis will be, literally, the sky-Giga. The deep ocean has Mosa and Squid which won’t follow you upwards, the ground has Gigas and Carchas which won’t follow you toooo far, and the sky will have the Haast Eagle, which won’t follow you down. There would only be one or two spawning at a time, similar to a Giga, due to their incredible health, damage potential, and stamina.

The Eagle permanently resides in the highest parts of the Ark’s airspace, far beyond sight of those on the ground. Wild Eagles hover about the Ark as if it has unlimited stamina, and is obviously an aggressive creature.

Similar to the Mosasaur underwater, the Eagle is the most fearsome creature up high, yet it prefers not to fly too close to the ground. If an unwitting flier approaches too close, all it needs to do to escape is head down! If not, the Roc swoops in on giant wings, and those talons can cause some significant bleeding! As you know, bleeding fliers are practically useless, so you’ll really want to dodge that attack!

To tame an Eagle, tribes will need to employ their best flying creatures and load up on ammunition, as the Harpagornis will need knocking out whilst it flies, similar to a Quetz. If it wakes on the ground, it will immediately fly upward until it reaches the safety of the sky. Clever survivors will build traps to prevent the Eagle from escaping!

Tamed birds are fearsome battle mounts, as nothing rivals them in the air. They can even prey on the largest land mounts such as Giganotosaurus or Titanosaur by slashing with their talons and waiting above for their poor prey to bleed out. Tamed Eagles will, of course, land on the ground when commanded, and they can create their own nest which serves as a natural egg incubator for other eggs; this will be a temporary structure which can be damaged, so be careful where you place it. The nest will have 3 spaces for eggs, and will keep them perfectly incubated unless the nest is destroyed.

Tamed Eagles can create two nests, and when roosting at one, they can be told to fly to the other nest without a rider, allowing them to transport items, dinosaurs, and even people with no rider! This is designed to be a higher-end alternative to teleportation without using tek, as I know ASA will be able to implement the tracking required. The Eagle would fly directly up to a set height, fly across, then descend straight down. Be careful using this feature on PVP!

As discussed, they’ll have a normal attack and a special talon attack similar to an Allo chomp which inflicts a chunky bleed effect. Eagles will be able to pick up creatures up to Rex size (no bigger!) and can attack whilst holding a creature. Their speed would likely be around Quetz flight speed or up to Giga run speed at full sprint, as a super-strong, super-fast bird is likely to be hell unless you have turrets galore.

This will be the ultimate king of the sky, a true terror of the clouds.

Please consider voting for my big birdy boi! I’d love to hear any feedback as, together, we can all get the Haast Eagle into Ark! If you have any ability ideas, feel free to post and fingers crossed Wildcard can choose the best of all of our ideas!

Hey look, you made it to the end! You’re a good egg.


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