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Hatzegopterix, the meteore




Hello everybody !

I am happy to be able to present to you my creature concept for The Center: Hatzegopterix



so you will have understood, Hatzegopterix is a pterosaur, as imposing as the terrible giganotosaurus and perhaps even as powerful...




Regarding its wild behavior, Hatzegopterix is aggressive towards any Passive or herbivorous creature, and of course, any survivor brave enough to approach it!

Tamming :

For its taming, Hatzegopterix will need any type of meat, and also exceptional kibble. but the most complicated thing with Hatzegopterix is its extraordinary resistance. Indeed, the skin of this creature is much too thick for darts to pass through it, which will force the survivors of the ark to knock it out to have to tame it. But how to do it ?

to knock out Hatzegopterix, he will have to turn his own game against himself. During his "Dive Meteors", place structures like walls or pillars (made of metal or tek, knowing that the tek structures are more effective), so that Hatzegopterix takes the structures and knocks himself out (knowing that the structures are destroyed with each dive). the number of structures needed to stun it is different depending on the level of the creature.

Utility :

Once tamed, Hatzegopteryx is able to do 2 kinds of dives:

- the banal dive, to gain speed

-the Meteor dive, allowing Hatzegopterix to cause enormous damage: The meteor dive creates an explosion at the moment of impact which destroys the surrounding structures. The meteor dive requires the saddle to be performed, and it has a durability that will prevent Hatzegopterix from making dives once it is broken. However, a broken saddle can still allow survivors to ride it.

Additionally, Hatzegopterix has a resistance that reduces damage by 15%. His saddle also prevents being unsaddled by creatures like the Microraptor and prevents the player from taking any damage while in the saddle. Similar to Giganotosaurus or Carcharodontosaurus, Hatzegopterix is nerfed once tamed.

Thank you for looking at my concept and I hope it has you more! I apologize for the potential sfaults that I could have made, because I am French and I am 14 years old!


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