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Morohasaurus (ancient poisonous lizard with powerful venom)



Morohasaurus kamitakiensis is an extinct genus of monstersaurian squamates that lived in Japan during the Early Cretaceous period.


In the game, it appears as a neutral lizard, but if you get too close to it carelessly, it will become hostile to protect itself.
This creature is an amphibious lizard that can cling to walls and climb like Megalania, or burrow underwater like Sarco for locomotion.
However, the biggest feature is that it has a very strong poison.
This poison is a strong poison that afflicts the player and other creatures even if it is bitten, and the effect of "stamina decrease, poor visibility, coma value increase, movement speed decrease, bleeding" is given, and the player dies immediately.
Other creatures, even large creatures such as Tyrannosaurus, are immune to poison, so basically no one attacks them.
This means that even after being tamed, you will not be attacked by anyone while mounted as well.
They also have an excellent sense of smell, so even if they are wearing Ghillie equipment, their sense of smell will quickly detect them.
And you can use your sense of smell to find out if there are dangerous creatures around you.
Taming method
Normally, it cannot be tamed, but instead, a "Morohasaurus Nest" will be generated at a low probability, and the nest will always contain fertilized eggs, but there are times when Morohasaurus will be on guard around the nest.
If you try to approach the nest, the nearby Morohasaurus will become hostile, and if it discovers that you have stolen the fertilized eggs, all nearby Morohasaurus will become hostile and attack to retrieve the fertilized eggs.
However, once a fertilized egg is successfully obtained and hatched, it is necessary to grow it into an adult.
Fortunately, meat alone is enough to feed them, so if you have meat, you can easily raise them.
After taming
An adult Morohasaurus can be ridden with its own saddle.
However, just like in the wild, you will not be attacked by other creatures while riding.
Also, the venom of this creature is still present, and in some cases can be used for coma taming after weakening.
Also, like the wild, they have an excellent sense of smell, so they can sense where dangerous creatures are, and where players with Ghillie equipment are.
And in the inventory there are times when a toxin "Morohasaurus Venom" is generated that is more potent than Bio Toxin.
This "Morohasaurus Venom" can be thrown like a bomb to attack, or it can be eaten by comatose creatures to further increase their coma values.
By the way, if the player eats it, he will die instantly.
So this item is definitely a good item for taming and poison attacks.
After that, it will be an amphibious creature that can climb walls and move underwater, just like in the wild.

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