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The Octo Friend! Octavius Socrates [Proteroctopus ribeti]




Proteroctopus ribeti Is from the Jurassic period.


So after the last vote i have decided to make my own creature. The idea behind it is that is that i would like to create something that will be useful as well as fun! While this dino may have a few more features than most it is a well needed water dino. As the biome needs more attention and this will make people want to DIVE IN! :D


Please leave any comments or suggestions below and please make them constructive! :D 






Like most Cephalopods Females are larger than their male counterparts. The Female will be ridable and a bit larger than the Megalodon. While the male will be around a 3rd of that size.  Males will be ridable but not able to grapple most sea creatures due to size.




Left click will allow you to do a normal attack using all of the tentacles. 



Right click will allow you to harvest nodes.


Grab Attack:

By pressing C you will be able to grab and immobilize creatures underwater. Perhaps by using stamina and/or playing a short minigame to succeed. This will allow you to tame creatures underwater in a passive way. However this will be ineffective for taming larger dino's like a Tusoteuthis or a Mosasaur. While grappled you can safely dismount and tranq the dino!



By pressing X you can dash in the water allowing the tentacles to slam together behind you. creating a small amount of bubbles as well as forcing you forward at a greater speed!


Ink Jet:

By pressing Ctrl + C you can shoot a jet of ink temporarily stunning a creature and allowing you to escape!





Females only

After killing and eating a crustacean (The Octavius treat of choice) you can activate its gathering bonus. This will last for 10 Minutes at which time you will need to find a new treat. 

The first main benefit for the Octavius is its ability to harvest underwater. While using a saddle it adds small linked chains or metal strips along the tentacles. This allows the Octavius to squeeze underwater nodes harder making them crumble and easier to gather. Granting a %20 boost to resources gathered in this way. Resourses that can be gathered this way are Oil, Metal, Stone and Obsidian.


The second main ability of the Octavius is the ability to gather Pearls. Due to its many arms it allows it to take great care when gathering pearls and faster at that. This allows a 20% Boost to the amount of pearls gathered gathered. As well as gathering Chitin from underwater crustaceansThis However does not effect black pearls found naturally. 



Paternal Instincts

The female Octavius is able to nurture its young in the water and usually dies when does so in the wild. However when domesticated the paternal side of the Octavius helps it to be a great mother. Allowing it to feed and imprint on all underwater dinos in its area. I does require more food to do this as it takes a lot of effort to keep the babies happy. While in this state the Octavius will also use its ink attack to deter and fend off predators.   To activate this you will need to have the Octavius Near at least one baby and select "Nurture" option in its spin wheel. Once active the Octavius will not allow you to ride it and will be fully focused on its duties. 


Deep Sea Oil:

The Octavius has a really handy ability. It creates "Deep Sea Oil" This oil when placed with pearls in its inventory will allow the oil to seep into the pearls. This will turn them into "Black Sea Pearls" and will allow you to use them in place of Black pearls. However you will need to create two times the normal amount of Black Sea Pearls as needed by normal black pearls. This can be done with the Male or Female Octavius. Usually this is the preferred job of the male Octavius though because if moved this will halt the production of the Deep Sea Pearls. 


Octavius are immune to eels and jellyfish. However this comes at a cost. If the Octavius is hit by either it will excite the nerves controlling its Chromatophores. This will cause the Octavius to become a bright blue color which for a short time will cause it to attract other sea creatures. During this time it is recommended that you flee with the ink ability. 



Taming the Octavius is fairly straight forward. It is a passive tame. You will need to tame a Trilobite and find an Wild Octavius (usually on the sea floor imitating a rock) You will then have to provide the Octavius its most favorite treat! It will come out of hiding and feed! Once it has been fed enough it will tame. This process is the same for both male and female. During this time you will need to protect it from wild dinos.



Breeding the Octavius is a bit more complicated. Underwater you will need to activate breeding. After activating the event the Octavius will cuddle and interweave their tentacles. Then after the female will take on the appearance of a stone while it nurses its younglings. However due to the size of the Octavius they do not have many babies like they would in the wild. During this time the mother will not move and will need to be fed by a person to keep its food stable. It will eat more than normal and will not gather food itself. If its food reaches zero the mother will start to turn a white color and loose health. This will be your warning to feed it fast. If you fail to do so it will die along with the babies. You can feed the mother with trough. But it will only do so at half the rate. slowing down the food loss but not stopping it.



Octavius are passive in the wild and will not attack unless provoked. usually they will ink and run. 




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