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Junzi Imperialis the fanged gibbon



Junzi imperialis is an ancient gibbon that was often painted and was found in a Chinese noblewoman's tomb

in game it would be rideable  and has a saddle much like a baby carrier, as you are strapped to its chest as it swings along like the blood stalker with its long arms  but it would have to jump between trees and rocks while swinging  around as it has no webs  , it would have the ability to climb like a dinopithecus or Thylacoleo and it would be fast in the trees and on the ground



it would not be that damaging but has the ability to latch onto mounts like a deinonychus, but you can pull players of their mounts or if something is smaller than a trike you can pin it down, this includes players



paintings go mostly unused in ark but this creature can fix that as its usual activities are swinging through the trees and hanging around in tall trees so to bring them to the ground you must paint on a canvas causing them to come down and pose Infront of it  and while doing that you can feed it lemons, berries, veggie cakes or any other fruity thing tameing yourself your verry own intimate travel mount











I don't have the talent to do a dossier so i hope the pictures give an idea of how the gibbon would move and look with its sabre fangs and long arms

for size it would be about 3 times the hight of a human on its hind legs



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