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the elegant and colorful lizard with so much ability, they can change it skin color to blend with nature and almost impossible to spot them. their main weapons is their tongue which they lunch it like bow and arrow and hit the target so quickly and pull them towards their mouth, they can also climb rapidly and easy, if you want this colorful and beautiful lizard by your side you have to steal their egg in the wild which there is various of them with different ability's they are aggressive and their skin color  become brighter when they are in bad mood survivors need to be approach them when they are calm  . 



Jackson Chameleon 

Its look like a tree triceratops which they grow three horns they can ram other creature they use for defense/attack and they do bleeding damage and brake bond slow other creatures 





they can get buffs and ability by killing insects and bugs for ex if you kill glowbug with chameleon you can recharge battery with it or if you kill other insect you can get healing buff speed buff damage reduction buff etc. also they can pull survivors off there mount and prevent flyer from flying away because of there saliva and sticky tongue which work jus like sticker glue you can also give this lizard dye to change their color .



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