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Anatosaurus hiruphagus, the Fever Deleter



Good afternoon, survivors!

After being stumped on what to do for this contest, me and a fellow 'Retrosaur' loving friend have imagined the perfect counter to that pesky airborne virus that plagues the safe zones of every map..  May I present the wonderful, splendid looking and immaculately moisturized hadrosaur.. 



The Hadrosaurs are a family of dinosaurs that I hold close to my heart, and as an enjoyer of older depictions of these animals I thought that ARK could really do with another duckbill in its roster - and especially one with a twist like this..


Common Name: Anatosaurus 

Species: Anatosaurus hiruphagus

Time: Late Cretaceous

Diet: Omnivore

Temperament: Neutral (Aggressive towards bug repellant)


An oddity amongst its relatives ornithopods. They are native to the steamy swamps of The Center’s ring and possess an amphibious lifestyle, spending their days happily grazing upon aquatic vegetation and occasionally dousing their slimy bodies in mud to protect against the harsh sun. Coincidentally this behavior also acts as a form of medication, covering over open wounds and cleaning them of debris. This however is largely irrelevant, as at full maturity an Anatosaurus is too large to fall prey to predators with the exception of a lucky Sarcosuchus. Herds of Anatosaurus will often slumber peacefully upon riverbanks, their unique odor attracting droves of flies and other nasty insects.

It is to be noted however that whilst a predominantly herbivorous creature an Anatosaur will never pass down an opportunity to devour its favourite treat, leeches - a craving that swamp dwelling survivors have learned to use in their favor.


Due to their apparent disdain of bug-repelling gel, the act of taming an Anatosaurus is one fit for only the most daring of survivors. These strengthened few have been documented allowing leeches to suck onto them and then wading around until one of the hadrosaurs is drawn to the scent. With one of the parasites latched onto their body the survivor will find soon themselves in the clutches of a hungry hadrosaur, eager to lap down their offering. It is a lengthy process, but by no means is it worthless.

Once tamed, Anatosaurus can make for robust beasts of burden within the territory of a developing tribe. Their use as a mount both above and below the water allows them to be utilized in a variety of tasks, namely aqueous foraging and exploration. Whilst not impeccably fast nor strong the hadrosaurs are capable of dealing with a variety of threats by either being steered by their jockey to fight, or to simply flee into the nearest lake or river and make an escape. However the most notable service an Anatosaurus can provide is, oddly enough, its viscous saliva, the production of which can be manipulated upon the animal's consumption of silica pearls. This fluid can, in moderation, be used as a stand in for leech blood in the production of the lesser antidote - an item of high demand in populous areas.

Due to the potential obscurity of the ingame dossier, I feel it is best to formally chronicle Anatosaurus' taming method and usage here.


Not unlike recent additions to the game the method of taming an Anatosaurus is quite different than your standard "knock-out-and -feed" creature. The way the player goes about obtaining this buffalo-like beast is quite engaging, as it requires a fairly coordinated plan as to not perish in the swamp's murky waters. Anatosaurus is by default a neutral creature, however in the presence of a player wearing bug repellant it will quickly grow to become hostile. This is because in order to gain its trust, you must feed the hadrosaur its favourite treat - the disgusting leeches - and to do so you must let the parasites latch onto you. With a leech (or multiple) on you, any Anatosaurus within a certain vicinity will grow attracted and make their way over. They will then reach forward and pick up the player and pluck the leech(es) off of you, before dropping you to the ground and carrying on. The more leeches on you, the more the taming bar increases, and proportionally as does the cooldown between feedings. 

Similar to other passive tames if the hadrosaur happens to take any creature or player induced damage then the bar will reset, however their large size does make it so that usual swamp life such as Titanoboa and Kaprosuchus rarely bother going after them. They will be attracted to you, though..


Since it is ultimately the devs' decision in case I hit a stroke of luck and get voted through I will not be going over specifics in stats for the Anatosaurus. I will provide a rough estimation made by my friend for it's base stats and spawn rates however, but take this with a grain of salt.

(Stats at Level 1)

Health - 500

Stamina - 200

Oxygen - 400

Food - 2500

Weight - 300


Only in swamps with a rate of 1 every 40 minutes. Doesn't get targetted by swamp animals with the exception of Sarcos but will be attacked by other non-swamp life upon getting close to them.


Anato is all around a fairly decent mount that will serve a middle game tribe quite well in the exploration department. Its running speed is slightly slower than fellow ornithopod Iguanodon, however it burns through stamina much quicker. In the water however the Anatosaurus is capable of swimming around as fast as the Baryonyx, and its stamina consumption is decreased immensely. As for combat, it is the epitome of average. If need be an Anato can defend itself from smaller threats and is by no means defenseless, but when it comes to a pack of Allos or other larger theropod it is best to steer clear. It is because of this reason that it is advisable to stick within a brisk sprint to a water source to make an escape if nescessary. 

Anato would also possess two mouse abilities; a simple arm swipe tied to LMB, and a pick up for RMB. 

Now, onto Anatosaurus' main three abilities; the serendipitous slobber, carrying and its skin care rituals.


Being an amphibious creature it made sense to give this Anato the ability to coat itself in wet sediment to give itself the aptly named 'Mud' buff. Preferably requiring you to be standing on ground close to water, an Anatosaurus can be whistled to give itself a luxurious dousing of mud that will temporarily grant it a 50% resistance to bleed as well as increased healing. The buff will last around 5 minutes at most and have a 10 minute cooldown in order to even it out. This ability will give it just that little bit more protection out in the field, plus you cannot lie that it fits the whole rompin' stompin' aura that this hadrosaur emits. When mounted this ability can be activated with at default the C key, and will grant the player a temporary heat resistance buff - the perfect dino to cool down on a hot summers' day! 

One thing to be noted however is that this mud coating will wear off as soon as you enter water. This is to encourage land exploration with the buff active.


Have you ever logged in to a server only to find the spawn zones plagued with beach bobs spreading Swamp Fever to every last person who enters? Ever wished that there was a way to make the tedious process that comes with making the antidote.. A little less so? Well, those days are no more with a tamed Anatosaurus in your tribe! 

Due to living in one of the most revolting places known to man the Anatosaurus has grown unbothered with the mere concept of infections, and its craving for leeches has made it immune to the nasty pathogens found in the parasites' systems. It is because of this that the hadrosaur is a living cure for the scourge of Swamp Fever. It's bodily fluids are revered by tribes due to their medicinal properties, and its saliva in particular, which can be harvested from a tamed Anato's inventory roughly 10 seconds after feeding it a proportional number of silica pearls, which is placed in the hotbar and fed with "E". The cooldown is short, about 30 seconds. It is to be noted that high level Anatos require more pearls whilst low levels require less, so fairly standard.

This saliva can be used as a substitute for leech blood in the recipe of lesser antidote vials, making the Anatosaurus an impeccably useful tame even long after its days of exploration are over in an apex level tribe.


Tying in to its use as an exploration mount the Anatosaurus possesses the charming ability to pick up smaller creatures and even certain structures in its webbed hands and bring them along on your escapades! Of course there is a limit for both, with the largest creature able to be carried being the player, and for structures it is the small item box. This means that the Anato would be useful as a means to set up temporary camps along your routes, or even assist in the moving of small tames and storage from one base spot to another. 

Whilst (hopefully) self explanatory, I thought I'd disclose the fact that when holding an object/creature, the Anatosaurus will not be able to use its LMB swipe attack. 

THANK YOU FOR READING! I hope you like this unique take on a (relatively) obscure dinosaur!


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