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Pelecanus Schreiberi, the aquatic catching specialist!



Common name: Pelecanus Schreiberi
Species name: P. Schreiberi
Time: Early Pliocene
Diet: Meat
Temperament: Docile


I’ve never seen a pelican so large, but the Pelecanus Schreiberi was a species that we barely had any information on in my time. Even still like many creatures on the arks, this one seems to be bigger than any normal pelican size.

This large bird spends its time flying overhead across the coast and oceans looking for food from high above before diving down at great speeds to snatch up prey from below.

Though not much of a fighter, other tribes have used the Pelecanus Schreiberi to go on hunting trips being able to bring back an assortment of small prey dead or alive to eat or tame. 

Some more daring hunters have used this great bird to dive deeper into the ocean in search of bigger and more dangerous things to hunt.

A giant pelican, reaching sizes similar to the angentavis. Comes with a variety of potential abilities and features at its disposal.


(more photos will be added as get them)

Aquatic catcher
Using its big bill, it can catch live or dead smaller animals into its mouth to hold onto for players to use for other purposes such as taming shadowmanes.

Like real pelicans, it will be able to dive underwater and (with a slow oxygen drain) swim around underwater to scout around and find prey to feast upon.


Fish harvester
Gains higher amounts of prime fish meat and fish meat from fish and other aquatic creatures.

Bane of aquatic life
Gains higher attack stats while fighting creatures that live within water.

Potential tek saddle
Similar to the tek helmet worn by players, the can gain the pelecanus schreiberi gains the ability to permanently breath underwater (at the cost of using element). The Tek suit may come with built in flashlights to help see in dark water. In addition It could also possibly have thrusters attached to the saddle to give the pelican a boost while flying or swimming underwater (while burning element) to cover more ground or escape enemies.

Other potential abilities

Option A: Spitter
With things In its mouth, it can spit them back out and fire them at opponents to deal damage at the long range. It can shoot live creatures and also various materials such as stone, metal, silica pearls and black pearls (deals more damage than the silica pearls) and maybe even loaded cryopods to deploy creatures from afar.

Option B: baby carrier
Using its beak and bill, it can possibly carry babies from point A to point B safety inside its bill (minus bigger babies like Rexs would it would have to carry on the outside).

Option C stun dive
When high up in the air you can dive down into the water, dealing stun to anything in the area around it (much like what real pelicans do)

Other info

Taming method:
A standard knockout tame, prefers superior kibble, then prime fish meat. (Only eats fish meat/prime fish meat when tamed)

Saddle level 50-65 range
Tek saddle unlocked by beating one of the center bosses or reaching a higher level like the 90-100 range?

Spawns along the coast and across the oceans, hunts fish in the water peacefully unless attacked first then will either engage its foe or fly away

If knocked out over or under water it will float on the surface of the water.

Not much is known about this animal irl. We only have incomplete fossils of it that show us this pelican seems to have gone extinct with no future dependents. It was also similar in size to the great white pelican (though obviously for this game we have scaled this creature up to be more useful).

Overall I believe this creature would be a fun idea and would provide a new way of assisting in taming of certain creatures and traversing the map in ways not seen often in the game. I’d be happy just seeing this creature make the top tens, thank you for the support! (I’m also open to suggestions and criticism to make the best creatures it can possibly be)

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pelecanus_schreiberi Thanks wiki for the info on this creature.

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