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Nothosaurus the ultimate traversal tame




Never have I seen a creature as good at moving around obstacles as the Nothosaurus. This creature seems to work exceptionally well underwater. It seems little fish flee from it, as though they don’t want to be gobbled up.


After asking around, I have found that almost no tribe on this ark is without a Nothosaurus. They seem to swim exceptionally well, as well as provide an easy method of moving around this ark.


Hello everyone and welcome to my post, please enjoy and keep in mind these abilities are not confirmed if it wins.


Primary attack: a bite

Secondary attack: swap between climbing and not climbing, like rock drake

3rd move: a decorative roar

Passive abilities: Climbing like a Megalania, a water buff like the Spino, and a new aquatic dive. 

more depth: Basically I do not want this creature to be overpowered, so I gave it primarily traversal skills, as well as weak stats comparable to a Kaprosuchus and a Megalania. Like the Megalania I want to give it the ability to climb over obstacles and up cliffs and overhangs. I also wanted to emphasize the water aspect so I gave it a water buff. Now for the new move: an underwater dive. I decided that if griffons and snow owl can do an air dive, why isn’t there a water version of that? This is essentially a griffon dive underwater.

Sorry about no artwork.

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