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The Battle flyer Hatzegopteryx





Spiecies: Hatzegopteryx thambema
Time: Maastrichtian of the Cretaceous.
Diet: Carnivore
Temperament: Aggressive 

I never imagined I would see such a big bird that seems to almost rival the mighty Quetzalcoatl in size! They do not seem to be very friendly to humans, and larger creatures don't seem to be interesting to them at all. They seem to mostly fly around the big floating island at the center of the map, it seems almost impossible for one to even come near to these flying beasts, and it seems that they almost never need to land to rest their mighty wings. Domesticating this wild creature might be near impossible.



Some survivors have attempted taming the beasts and after many failed attempts with many deaths as a result they finally succeeded in taming these flying titans. The method that ended up being a success is rather morbid though. They were taunting the beasts and since they are aggressive towards humans by nature it made them follow them home in rage. They then took out living baby dinosaurs, this made the creature stop its wrath for a short moment and it then switched target to the baby dinosaurs. The insane survivors then fed it baby dinosaurs and that kept the creature docile until it was completely domesticated by mankind. 


When a domesticated Hatzegopteryx seems to be an all around good flier although it doesn't have the mighty weight of a Quetzalcoatl or the speed of a pteradon, this bird is one of the mightiest air fighters ever seen. Even seems to have a kind of fighting instinct that lets it lock on to dinosaurs going into a kind of state of rapid positional changes much like the Tapejara way of flying through the air. They seems to have a certain ability to eat up small dinosaurs and getting more meat out of them, even getting prime meat out of smaller sized dinosaurs too, and if that isn't enough it has picked up a tendency if it is left by a creature its owner is in the process of taming, it will use its mighty wings to blow away hostile dinosaurs and scream to alert its owner. It has the will to save its owner from danger by flying over them, grabbing them with its beak and throwing them onto their saddle if called for.


It will have less weight than a Quetzalcoatl

But will be rather slower than a Pteranodon, but not as slow as a Quetzalcoatl.



  • On the ground: Left mouse button will cause the beast to attack (if done against small creatures it will instakill it).

  • While flying: Left mouse button will cause normal attacks similar to the very similar to a Quetzalcoatl.



  • On the ground: Pressing spacebar makes it take off into the air

  • While flying: Holding spacebar makes it glide down through the air, much like the Rockdrake but with the advantage of already being able to fly.

  • Gliding makes it regain some stamina since it's almost resting while gliding down which is also well combined with the NafTgpcBjRpKr_ibxbF0LqB8ADHI06l6hW7JLIgkT6KgETqFeSX3sSbOqgGqO6mAVuVzcq54QgUH9US-wNPDMaOFvgY2h4ll59aDnXNVYmitAc_Xx9SglV1YZLopJllrAY4IiSbmbmjrpO01WFVVQns button that creates a big burst of speed sending the beast dashing forward


Right click: locks on to a target for a short while, if held it will keep its focus on the nearest dinosaur(if done in the air it will hover like a Tapejara, to make combat easier)


C button 


  • On the ground: Will make it flap its win in front of it making knocking back dinosaurs, even doing a little bit of damage 

  • While flying: Will make it do a dash in the targeted direction making it dive into the target doing a good amount of damage to the target and making them bleed for a short period of time. But this will also be consuming a large amount of stamina, can also be used to give the glide more momentum and travel far distances fast.




  • On the ground: Lets the Hatzegopteryx grab creatures in certain sizes with  its beak and carry them around.

  • While flying: It will also carry creatures but if used on a bigger hostile dinosaur it will apply a temporary bleed to the target.



  • Rescue mode: Holding the qjnOqtK-qv7YjbcRI-RrycOmJ5NWVrRM_4BWnytyryUwXontpY_p32FGZz2f5EIEZ8ZwX_WrPk-au5rNt6G1WF_FcfMYbTkYaU8bhA_qBhjafXohVArOnb4m-9on_V4-x3l7Qu-0CAOyzm-UNsvqZ3g button on the Hatzegopteryx will open the interaction wheel for the dinosaur and there will be an option called Rescue mode. 


  • With rescue mode enabled: If called upon with a whistle the Hatzegopteryx will instantly fly to its owners rescue by picking them up with its beak and throwing them onto their saddle saving them from danger.


Taming protection
It has by default the ability if it is left by a creature its owner is in the process of taming, it will use its mighty wings to blow away hostile dinosaurs and scream to alert its owner.


Meat gather:
When killing small creatures such as Dodo’s, compy’s, Dilo’s and Oviraptor’s, they will get insta killed and consumed immediately. They will get more meat and have a big chance to also get prime meat from them, even though they are smaller dinosaurs.This will also apply to babies.


Well feed boost:
When the Hatzegopteryx eats a baby dinosaur it will gain temporary increased speed and decreased stamina consumption(the speed will rival that of the wyvern).


The Hatzegoperyx is by nature aggressive towards humans, so it will chase anyone in a deep rage. By luring the Hatzegoperytx to your home and show them a baby dinosaur, it will immediately switch target from you to the dinosaur, by feeding them the baby dinosaur it will progress the tamebar and the Hatzegoperytx will remain calm as long as you keep feeding it. You will have to do this until it's completely domesticated. 


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