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Latzelia primordialis - The Triple Terror of the Deep



So we all know and love (hate) the acid spitting, armor destroying millipede Arthropleura, but now prepare for the new idea of a massive centipede, with two mounted turrets of your choice and the ability to lob exploding acid blobs as the rider, the Latzelia primordialis. So the basic idea for this creature submission would be a rather large, lets say around Basilisk sized centipede that resembles a house centipede, just way bigger. Bit like the Rhyniognatha this creature would be scaled up from its real life counter part, they would live in deeper in the red crystal biomes in Aberration around where you would face Reaper Queens.

Now for the abilities i have thought for this creature:

Maybe a torpor inducing bite ála Arthropleura

Wall climbing (duh its Aberration)

Spitting exploding acid globules, think Arthropleura but bigger in scale and with a bit of added AoE (maybe uses things like organic polymer or spoiled meat as ammunition? or maybe they could use the many different mushrooms as ammunition for different effects?)

Triple seater saddle (sort of) so the saddle would have obviously the rider, which would be mounted towards the head of the creature, than you have a middle segment and the back segment or tail segment which every you prefer. The middle and tail segments would have slots for them in the creatures inventory when saddled, and would allow you to insert any of the Arks many different mountable turret types on them, making the creature a walking, climbing triple turret of terror. Maybe you have two catapults, maybe a minigun and a rocket turret? The choice is yours to make.

As for the stats i would say its on the tankier side, with a good amount of weight for carrying all the ammunition needed for the added turrets, not too fast though.

Taming could be something similar to the Rhyniognatha, where you´d have to find the males and harvest the pheromones, get the females to impregnate a dino and wait for it to go pop.

Lastly i would like to say that i am by no means an artist and i am not asking anyone, but if you feel like it, feel free to post a prototype dossier here, along with any suggestions of your own.




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