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Psittacosaurus, the echolocatiting combat pet



Introducing Psittacosaurus! The newest shoulder pet on aberration IMG_6077.png.223c9ecec47cf6de4ce3b7f6d293e1a0.png

Name: Psittacosaurus Petramiculator Time: Early Cretaceous
Diet: Herbivore  
Temperament: Neutral


In the wild , Psittacosaurus can be seen
roaming in small groups or alone. Although small, most predators seem to leave them alone. And I know why, they aren’t afraid to use their quills. I’ve seen raptors get a mouthful of quills during an attack on these little guys.


Due to the quills and attitude towards predators , I thought psittacosaurus couldn’t be tamed. Then I learned that some survivors have trained them to spit rocks at their enemies.

Rock spitting isn't the only thing they’re good for. The quills glow and can be used to keep enemies away.

What’s even more fascinating is their ability to echolocate, which allows them to find food and those same rocks. Some survivors use it to find other resources as well.

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