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Cave bear(A large ancient bear that lived in caves)



The cave bear (Ursus spelaeus) was a species of bear that lived in Europe during the Pleistocene and became extinct at the beginning of the Last Glacial Maximum about 24,000 years ago. Both the name cave and the scientific name spelaeus derive from the fact that fossils of this species were mostly found in caves, indicating that this species spent more time in caves than the brown bear, which only uses caves for hibernation. Consequently, in the course of time, whole layers of bones, almost entirely those of skeletons, were found in many caves. The specific name "cave" (Latin spelaeus) was given to Cave Bears because many of its bones are found in caves. The body length of the bear reached 2.7-3.5 meters, which is 30% larger than the modern The front part of the body was more developed than the back legs which were short and strong; it also had a massive head. The skull of Cave Bears differ from the brown bear, having a much steeper forehead and lacking front teeth.
It was most likely vegetarian with the main diet consisting of herbaceous plants and honey. However, in winter, in the cold season, the bear could hunt for prey and other animals. Cave Bears are found only in Eurasia, which formed in several geographical races The cause of extinction was probably the climate in the late Warm glacial period, when the forest cover has declined sharply, depriving the Cave Bears food sources. of ancient people.


In the game, the Dire Bear is larger than the Dire Bear and appears as a very ferocious bear.
This creature has a range of action called "Territory", and if the player or other creatures enter, it will be considered an intruder and will attack.
They attack any creature as an intruder, whether it's a Reaper or a Nameless.
It is especially dangerous when you have children with you, and will actively attack players and other creatures to protect them.
However, it is useless to think that it is okay to leave the territory.
Because if they are seen as intruders, they will chase them forever, unless they either die or get themselves killed.
So how do you keep out of the loop?
The answer is simple, find a rock with claw marks on it and assume that the area around it is cave bear territory.
From there, use your telescope to see if there is a Cave bear.
If you are there with children, you must escape quickly to avoid being noticed.
However, if you become an ally, you can rely on it.
Taming method
It is impossible to tame a normal cave bear itself, but it can kidnap children.
What to say, first you need to defeat the parent cave bear.
Even if Karkinos grabs the child and takes it away, the parent's cave bear will continue to chase him to retrieve the child, so it is essential to defeat the parent.
And after defeating it, you can tame it by handing it a baby cave bear with honey.
And once the taming is complete, the rest is to raise it until it becomes an adult.
Luckily, both children and adults are omnivorous, so you can add meat, mushrooms, etc.
After taming
It can be ridden with its own saddle.
It has overwhelmingly excellent attack power, speed, and defense power that can be taken to boss battles.
In addition, when attacking, it gives the effect of "Defensive Power Cut" to the enemy, and can be easily defeated.
In other words, you can easily defeat the Reaper.
Also, like the Dire Bear, it's also good at gathering, gathering a lot of fiber, organic polymers, fungal wood, etc., and all of those material items have a 95% weight cut, so you can't use heavy items such as metal. You can carry things without any problem.
Also, as an ability that can only be used after taming, "Bear howl" is a buff that increases attack power, speed, and defense power for allies, and a debuff that gives loss of fighting spirit, slow movement speed, and fear to enemies. can give
They are also resistant to lightning, radiation, coma, stun, and knockback, even in the wild.
In addition, you can make claw marks on buildings and rocks, etc., which will be set as "territory".
When set as a territory, Cave bears will automatically attack creatures that enter the territory, so you can have them protect your base, and you can also play an active role in PVP.

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As an addendum, when attacking, there are times when it stands up, and at this time its attack power, defense power, and speed are 5 times normal.
You can stand up even if you ride a horse, but it consumes a lot of stamina instead.


When Cave Bear stands up, it's almost like this.

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