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Mesoparapylocheles]-The ultimate knock out creature




Diet:meat, bugs, fish

Time period:mesozoic

Agression: neutural opertunistic

Wild: while traveling through the liquid element rivers i was introduced to the power of the Mesoparapylocheles a giant hermit crab with a natural shell of metal scraps stolen from bases it raided and stole, using the metal as its natural armor and nesting its freashly born babies. Enemies that try to attack it get punched by its large claws kbocking them out cold! Hopefully this large crab dosent see me as an enemy


Domesticated: once tamed Mesoparapylocheles can do the heavy hitting for you, knocking out wild animals and enemy dinos and survivours with easy punches, unlike its cousin the karkinos it cant grab animals instead it can pickup buildings and crates with ease.


Throw-picks up metal rocks and chucks them at enemies

Grab-pick up equipment and builfings

Sucker punch-does high damage and low torpor, large knockback

Dash-when in water Mesoparapylocheles can dash sideways backwords and forewards

Knockout-a punch that does high torpor and medium damage



Normal -a simple 5 person seater

Shelter-fits 3 people but adds more speed

Shell-high defense and damage, 2 people

Taming method-

Find babies[not eggs] in the metal stashes near element rivers




3. Flint


[Might add more later on]

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