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Introducing Edmontosaurus annectens, the massive herbivore of aberration



Common Name: Edmontosaurus

Species: Edmontosaurus annectens

Time: Late Cretaceous

Diet: Herbivore

Temperament: Territorial



"When I first saw this colossal herbivore, I thought it was a gentle animal. But that's not the case with Edmontosaurus. This creature usually goes in small herds of 4 individuals and at least one member of the group is a baby. For this reason, adults show extremely territorial behavior against any possible threat. Even if you are a newly arrived survivor!


The Edmontosaurus on this ark have evolved by developing a complex bioluminescent system. When their body does not generate light, it means that they are calm while walking through the mushroom forests. But as soon as the light on their bodies turns red, it is a warning sign because they feel threatened and could soon respond aggressively."



"Some survivors discovered that the Edmontosaurus's diet can affect its bioluminescence. By consuming any type of mushroom, it is capable of releasing certain spores around it and allowing the creature to use abilities that in the wild it would not be able to. Any ally within his radius will be under a healing or lighting effect, depending on what their tamer decides. Allied dinos recover their health faster and the nameless don't even dare to come to the surface with Edmontosaurus present!


There is also a third ability that the creature can use once it consumes mushrooms. It consists of concentrating its spores and releasing them in a powerful shock wave that damages everything within the radius. This allows the Edmontosaurus to harvest any material around it and deal heavy damage to any enemies nearby. This set of skills makes the edmontosaurus a worthy rival to apex predators or even bosses and a great explorer of the radioactive zone





Greetings survivors! I present to you my humble idea of the Edmontosaurus, the massive herbivore of aberration


The main functions of this dino consist of:


  • Rol as a Support

  • Instant healer

  • Light creature

  • Area damage 

  • Tank turrets

  • Area Harvester

  • Immunity to torpor, toxins and radiation

  • Ability to find max-level creatures

  • Taming helper


Edmontosaurus usually roam the green zone of aberration, although they can rarely be seen in the blue zone. As they are the largest herbivore on this ark (rivaling in size with spinosaurus or even a reaper king), only a maximum of one herd can spawn (between 4 and 5 specimens, one of them being a baby). They are not fast, but they can be very insistent when they enter a territorial state.


Taming Process:

Since the adults are too dangerous, the only alternative is to tame the baby of the herd. The process is complex: being a bioluminescent creature, the survivor must attract the baby with a light creature. It should be approached little by little, with the light creature turned on and without attracting the attention of adults.(It is recommended to wear a camouflage suit. Only the baby will detect you if you have the light on) Once the baby becomes curious, it will slowly approach until it is within reach of the survivor. When the baby starts to wag its tail, turn off the light and wait for the edmontosaurus start a light sequence. Once finished, the baby will turns his head to the side and that means it is your turn to imitate the pattern. If you repeat the pattern correctly using your light creature, the baby will let itself be fed by you. But if you make a mistake, the baby will start crying and the adults will respond aggressively.


As you tame the baby, the confidence of the adults will change depending on the taming bar. From 1% to 25% domestication, adult edmontosaurus will be territorial if they spot you. from 26 to 50% domestication, adults will only watch you in case they detect you. From 51 to 100% domestication, the adults will no longer be territorial, unless you make the baby cry. Once the little edmontosaurus has been domesticated, the wild adults will no longer behave territorially towards the survivor, unless a new baby appears in the herd.



Congratulations! You have tamed an Edmontosaurus. Like any baby, you will need to spend time and care with it until it becomes an adult and finally uses its abilities.



  • Primary Attack: A basic bite attack. It doesn't deal much damage, but it does help you harvest berries, fiber, wood, and straw.

  • Secondary Attack: Generates a radius that allows you to use any of the edmontosaurus' spore abilities (requires consuming 100 mushrooms of any type)

  • Spores Abilities (Click C, wCfFOzobQsuCLttMowER2wAcvfveatmCS7uJAyIQqilMQKJYwz7tj3r04dQYD_f4wqSicaGc8_QkE7rl0XOHtMxg-nsV68qo5svH8sI3z8C91OoIv3VqzW4O4Ve3iAAIDg7r5wht0k_a3TtbJluM70E, 0BRJwfmD2xo5gHmmQmBRCg6ks6sN-VqXnUNk13k4DmzKoUl5iBHobsJqF4lDh6yHKfsDK8bcBYt9v_BWQQaaFKO9XdgFSkZASlWaxekuAGw3K3qs9CyXkZ7X__6evIoYJUh-q10RFmPK65wEfZUg9fI): Allows the Edmontosaurus to activate any of its 3 spore abilities. (healing state, lighting state, shock wave)

  • Bipedal posture (Press Control, XO7yiFzqMksPsfZim-Wq2ZBGeR-m4rDKL-siQKQCffoLAGNMxJ-hc7w6zNbwcYkSkHcA4EzwPG8k6LmDAZq-6lJffBO4cKhjN4wUHz0FKW7lFmMIx7rR1g79Xyefegm3RG_u8qjV9z2UJD6g5V7V-e8, H4I3CjlYB7bTgOAJjUVlH1MpIoH-agfHpSNwh3VtdeKltUVfMfWEnaXQczLB32QSQ4lI7nTr6m8y54ewrcNC2EzvskgzMXR2KwCs_wmn-lJ6IO7PDqvDUj1fQLAxG92MJTB7ff77oyuXbxgCT7sGulM): allows the dino to stop using its quadrupedal stance and move bipedally, making it faster when walking or running (spore abilities not available in this state)


Spores Abilities:


Each spore ability requires the edmontosaurus to consume a total of 100 mushrooms of any type. This will recharge a spore fuel that will appear next to the survivor's inventory (just like mek fuel). Depending on which skill you use, the edomontosaurus will consume a certain percentage of this fuel.

  • Heal state: When it activates, it instantly heals allies for 25% of the Edmontosaurus's total health (the more health the dino has, the more it heals) Then, over a 5 min period, all allies within range will be healed for a 5% of Edmontosaurus's total health constantly. Once that period is over, the edmontosaurus will be able to use any of its spores ability again. (Using this skill will consume 25% of the spore fuel)

  • Lighting state: When activated, it creates a lighting effect on all allies within its radius. Prevents the appearance of nameless and reaper kings. It also allows you to identify max level creatures nearby. This state of the Edmontosaurus combined with a good battle mount, will allow you to fight or tame Reapers. The lighting range will be affected by the amount of stamina on the dino (The more stamina it has, the larger the area affected by the light will be) The duration of this state is 10 minutes. Once finished, the dino will be able to use any of its spore abilities again. (Using this skill will consume 50% of the spore fuel)

  • Shock Wave: When activated, it generates a powerful shockwave that destroys any harvestable material around it and the resources will be stored in the Edmontosaurus's inventory. Enemies that are affected by this ability will take triple the total damage of the dino (example: if the edmontosaurus has 200 damage, the shock wave will do 600 damage) In addition, enemies will be affected by a bleeding and a bones fracture that weaken them for a few seconds. The damage and shockwave effects are instant, but cooldown is 3 minutes to use any of his spore abilities. (using this skill will consume 100% of the spore fuel)



Edmontosaurus is a mount with primarily support uses. However, the combination of those skills along with proper upbringing make him an indispensable dino. There are few healers available in the game and few herbivores capable of taking on dangerous predators like rexes, reapers, or even gigas. Edmontosaurus opens the door for a hervivorean (not counting titanosaurus) to be able to take on the ark's dangerous apex predators.


Thanks you

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