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the embolotherium the Tears of Aberration



introducing the Embolotherium the singing beast of aberration a mid sized Dino found browsing in the fertile reagon of aberration  along with being found on abandoned builings they are found In groups with four females and one male how do you tell? look at there heads the horn is larger and also the have very noticeable beards 



imagine this as the male but if threatened it will charge and attack but it can also blast enemy's with loud sound waves or otherwise known as "Wardens CRY" this can stun enemy's and give a new threating debuff that causes pain Histeria and insanity causing ally dinos to buck off their riders to to turn on them but if you think your imune... YOU THOUGHT WRONG this debuff can also cause players to attack their team members like the effects of the knoglin on the colony ship in genesis prt 2  but at least you can use this ability to defend yourself in the read zone against reapers nameless and seekers but when a target is inflicted with the debuff they will be glowing with molten element ruining threw their vanes and the deabuff is called "Tears Of Aberration" but how this happens is unknown  but why do they do this it's because their blind and to better adapt they developed  sensitive hearing and smell but once tamed they are excellent for gathering wood and gems witch they do seem to like and can carry lots of weight making it an amazing beast of burden.



but how do you tame one? it is a passive tame but not the generic type you must craft a crystal ocarina made by learning the engram at level 50 

to make this instrument you will need all types of gems 100 green gems 20 blue gems and 10 red gems and 5 fiber and 20 element Ore


once you have crafted it now approach the one you want to tame then play the instrument with left click then a mini game similar to the method of the tekstryder  but if you miss a note the females will run and the male will charge and blast you with the "Wardens Cry" to defend the heard.


once you have tamed one you can ride it bare back plus the controls are left click is a bite and right click is a stomp also c is a back kick plus when you equip the saddle it has a special crystals that when are played can heal with it's southing song and when needed it's crystals can also give a "Hype" buff that boosts speed attack and regeneration and to access this two survivors are required to use it and the method is similar to the mammoth drum but this time it's steel drums but to unleash the "Wardens Cry" you must have any gem in it's inventory  but they all have different effects when you left ctrl with blue gems it gives enemy's a debuff that lowers stamina rapidly but with red gems it causes the halogenic effect like the red mushroom spores but if using green gems they stun enemy's and knock riders off their mounts but the last and special ore element ore is used it will charge a mighty stomp that dose physical damage and knock back to anything near it and finally unleashes the "Wardens Cry" giving the "Tears Of Aberration" deabuff that lasts two minutes 


but It gets better! once you beat Rockwell (beta) you will unlock it's teksaddle witch will maximize the song effects to their limit and the saddle has a DJ set in the saddle and a new mini game  but how will other players know when it's singing it has a strange ability that it's head will inflate like a pipe bag and if you right ctrl the saddle places a visor on it's head that are head lights similar to a trucks and give charge to repel reapers and nameless but if there are seekers right ctrl and left ctrl at the same time to cange the visor's lense to red that damages seekers to repel them .



if you have any other Ideas let me know good luck survivors

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