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Parasitic Fungi/Mushroom tame Paleoophiocordyceps



My idea isn't so much an animal as a parasitic fungi. I belive it fits in perfectly with the mushroom riddled caves that are aberration.

The creature is covered in mushrooms and has a mycelium pattern on its belly along with having stong damagy arms.



Infection. once tamed the creature would have the ability to infect eggs of other tames. this would cause the infected tames to have mushrooms growing out of there head but instead of killing them the fungi benifits them. they gain the imunitys of the mushroom creature as well as being buffed in other ways.

Climb and Jump. The creature would have the ability to climb cliffs and walls and jump a significant distant much like the dinopithecus.

Mycelium buff.  Its a healing buff for any infected tames. trees use the mycelium network to comunacate and can even send nutruants to each other, I like the idea of tames being healed in a simaler way by the mycelium network they are connected to, hence the name.

Spores. The creature would have an AOE spore attack simaler to the blue spores that kill you in aberration.

Immunitys. The creature has immunitry to spores, blue spores, radiation, shock, poison. these immunitys are extended to infected tames and any player riding the creature except radiation for the player.




You can tame your own mushroom creature buy sacrificing one of your tames to a special mushroom. who then shortly die and a baby mushroom creature imerges that you have to raise.

once tamed you can infect fertalised eggs those tames will grow mushrooms for there heads and have forementioned abilites.



I wanted to make a creature that would rival reapers and rock drakes while being different and fitting into ab. Mushrooms came to mind and Cordyceps quickly after as most people know of it from the last of us blowing.

I like the idea of the mushroom creature being amphibian or toad like, being somewhere between a gatcha and a rock elemental and having bulking stron forearms which is why I tried to draw it like that.

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