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Calvapilosa Kroegeri – The Acid Slug



Name: Calvapilosa kroegeri

Common name: Calvapilosa

Time: Ordovician

Temperament: Neutral

Diet: Carnivore


Calvapilosa lives kn the radioactive rivers of Aberration, this has caused it body to become completely acidic. Neutral in character, it will not consciously attack anything unless threatened, but if an unwary person passes near it they will fall victim to its corrosive acids. When it is hungry, it wraps its prey in its body, dissolving them and absorbing its nutrients, it prefers irradiated meat and despises normal food, this information will serve for its subsequent domestication.



Calvapilosa can only be tamed when it is hungry, this is easy to know since it will extend its four large antennae and begin to look for prey, at this moment you must grab a corpse and submerge it in a radioactive river, you must keep the body there until it turns a characteristic color red, (this process may take longer depending on the size of the corpse but this will also influence the effectiveness), then take it to the slug and it will begin to eat it slowly, its feeding process causes it to lose fluids and if it loses too many, calvapilosa will leave to eat to go to a radioactive river to hydrate, do not let this happen or you will lose taming effectiveness, at this moment you must go to the trail that the slug has left and collect that acid to sprinkle it on its body, you must do this as quickly as possible possible since you will be damaged by coming into direct contact with the acid and there is nothing you can do to avoid it (recommended to bring many medicinal drinks). At 80% taming, calvapilosa will inevitably head to a river, don't worry, this is normal, once in the river, baldhead will release acid which will make the water completely corrosive and there is nothing you can do to avoid this damage, you must stay in the water all the time so that calvapilosa associates you with food and wants to stay with you, at this point I can only recommend a huge amount of potions, a daeodon, tek gun or chitin armor that will better protect you against acid but not for much longer.



Once calvapilosa has been tamed you will not need any mount, this slug can control its acid at will and you can enter its body if it affects you which in turn produces a corrosive natural armor for you.


 - Obviously his slug body allows him to climb any surface.

 - His acidic body gives him great resistance to bullets.

 - In addition to the above, it is completely immune to the net projectile which is capable of easily melting.

 - Any creature that attacks it will take corrosive damage.

 - Great swimmer, the survivor inside it will not need to come to the surface to breathe, calvapilosa provides it with the necessary oxygen.

 - The survivor inside is completely immune to radiation regardless of what armor they are wearing.

 - Calvapilosa hydration bar increases when you enter the water.

 - Calvapilosa radiation bar increases when you are in a radioactive zone.

 - If it is irradiated, it will produce acid slime over time, this slime can be used to charge the tek suit or as ammunition in some tek weapons.



 - Frontal bite which releases acid, quickly corrodes any type of armor and does damage to metal structures.

 - When it is hydrated, it can give off a trail of slime that will slow down any creature or survivor that passes over it, in addition, it is irradiated, this trail of slime will deal damage to any creature.

 -If it is hydrated and irradiated, it will be able to shoot a powerful jet of acid that will deal damage, slow down and leave a radioactive effect on the target.

 - Ocular antennae, you can see at great distances as if it were a spyglass.

 - If you are fully hydrated and irradiated, you can explode your entire body by throwing acid bombs in all directions.

 - If it is hydrated, it will be able to launch a cord of slime that can drag small creatures or survivors, the most effective way to get rid of this cord is with fire, a torch is recommended.


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