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Chororapithecus(Small Megapithecus that can fight Tyrannosaurus and Reaper)



※This idea is almost the same as before, but there are some differences.


Chororapithecus abyssinicus was an ape that lived about 10-10.5 million years ago during the Miocene Epoch. It is believed to be the earliest known species of gorilla. Its existence indicates that the last common ancestor between the human/chimpanzee lineage and gorillas may have lived greater than 10 to 11 million years ago, which is at least 2 million years earlier than the previously thought date of divergence of about 8 million years ago.

The only evidence found of this extinct ape is currently nine Fossilized teeth of at least three individuals, recovered from the Chorora Formation which runs along the southern Afar Depression of Ethiopia (the same place where the remains of Lucy were discovered in 1974). Analysis of eight molars (two of them fragmented) and a canine tooth show that their structure is partly similar to modern gorillas.

The researchers compared the make up of the teeth to other current and fossil apes, and concluded that the new ape fossils possibly were a species of gorilla which ate mostly high-fiber plants, and that the fossil species is likely a 'direct ancestor' of the gorillas that currently live in Africa.

Previous efforts to find fossils of great ape ancestors in Africa from between 12 and 8 million years ago had been largely unsuccessful. This absence led some to hypothesize that apes were absent from Africa during this time, and had recolonized Africa from areas in Asia where fossils from this time period are more plentiful. Molecular estimates that humans and gorillas diverged after 8 million years ago were consistent with this idea, in which an adaptive radiation might have occurred after a single species entered Africa and began to adapt to different environments.

Current fossils and research prior to this finding indicated that the evolutionary split between gorillas and humans occurred around 8 million years ago. The new fossils indicate that the split may have happened as long as 10.5 million years ago. It is thought that humans shared a common ancestor with chimpanzees as recently as 4 to 7 million years ago.


The image looks like this


In-game, it is a neutral primate that is the same size as Tyrannosaurus and larger than Gigantopithecus.

Lead a pack of 5, with the higher level being the leader of the pack.

The leader has a special action "Drumming", which gives buffs that increase the attack power, defense power, and speed of the entire group, and threatens the attacking enemy with drumming, giving the enemy the will to fight. Applies a fear debuff that makes you run away after losing .

Naturally, since they act in packs, it is possible to attack with the entire pack and easily defeat Tyrannosaurus and Spinosaurus.

It mainly uses a boxing-like punch attack, a double sledgehammer that increases the coma value, a knockback tackle that has the power to blow away large carnivorous dinosaurs, and a huge rock drop attack that has a stun effect.

Normally, the attack power is set to be quite high, but due to the buff given by the leader's drumming, it becomes the strongest level, and naturally these attacks will also instantly kill the player.

Taming method

To tame this Chororapithecus, you must develop a bond or trust with the pack.

In other words, hand-deliver the Sweet Vegetable Cake to the leader animal first, then start interacting with the group.

And when you start interacting, you need to move as a member of the herd first.

That is, by responding to requests from the herd, and by submitting the items (such as honey or fiber) requested by each request from the herd's Chororapithecus to the requesting individual, the reliability will increase.

And when the reliability reaches 50%, it will become a temporary taming and will follow the player.

However, even if he acts as a temporary tame with the player, a defensive battle to increase reliability will suddenly begin, and there will be attacks from hostile creatures such as Titanoboa, Sabertooth, Raptor, and Carnotaurus. The player must fight together with the Chororapithecus acting together as a temporary tame.

Of course, this is possible even if the player is with a tamed creature.

However, if someone in the herd is killed, you lose trust, and if you accidentally attack Chororapithecus, you lose a lot of trust, and if you lose trust completely, you have to start over. there is. (This is also true if the player or other hostile creature attacked you before 50% confidence.)

And that, if the player dies, it will start over from the beginning.

Therefore, the entire herd and the player himself must survive safely.

And if everyone survived safely and the reliability was raised to 85% when the defense battle was over, only one child will automatically appear, and the player will take care of the child. is asked to

After raising the child and growing into an adult Chororapithecus, the reliability will reach 100% and the taming will be completed.

In other words, you need to increase the trust of the herd, raise the child, and complete the taming only when the child becomes an adult.

After taming

It can be ridden without a saddle, and if there are 5 Chororapithecus, it will form a group, and the higher level individual will be the leader of the group.

And just like the wild, a punch attack like boxing, a double sledgehammer that increases the coma value, a knockback tackle that has the power to blow away large carnivorous dinosaurs, a huge rock drop attack that has a stun effect, and only the leader It is possible to perform "drumming" that gives to the entire herd.

As for how high the coma value by double sledgehammer is, it is the power that can easily coma the player and medium-sized creatures such as Raptor and Carnotaurus.

Tackle can also knock large carnivorous dinosaurs, such as Tyrannosaurus, into the air, and can easily destroy wooden walls.

The drumming that only this leader has gives a buff that raises the attack power, defense power, and speed of the entire group. Gives a debuff.

Also, like wild animals, they actually have the highest defensive power of any creature, are completely resistant to coma attacks, and are immune to electric shocks and immune to stuns, making them almost invincible.

Although it is strong in battle, it also has excellent gathering ability, and it is possible to gather berries, fibers, straw, wood, stones, etc., and all items are 95% weight cut, so even if you gather a large amount No problem.

Regarding stones in particular, 100 stones can only be crafted into one "giant stone", which is used to throw a giant boulder with a stun effect.

In a huge rock drop attack,

However, unfortunately, flint and metal are not available, and you can only get stone like Doedicurus.

However, it is difficult to operate as much as it is excellent, and there are certain conditions.

Here is how it works.

1, punch attack (same as normal attack, can be used for attack and can also be used for harvesting.)

2, double sledgehammer (right click for PC version)

3, tackle (normal attack while running)

4, Drop attack of a huge rock with stun effect (C key for PC version)

5, drumming

(If it's the PC version, it's C key, but it's premised that there is no "giant stone" used for the giant rock drop attack, and the condition is that the leader is a high-level individual leading a group of 5 Chororapithecus. )

6. Grab and carry building items such as safes and ammo boxes

(In the PC version, it's C key, but it is premised that there is no "giant stone" used for throwing giant rocks, and it is a condition that it is a non-leader individual Choororapithecusn.)

By the way, I'm an omnivore, so I'll eat anything.

Moreover, it is possible to take it to the boss battle.

As an aside, this ancient gorilla is the only one that can now deal decent damage to Reapers without a charge light and is resistant to Reaper attacks.

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By the way, the reason why this ancient gorilla can fight with Reaper is actually that this Chororapithecus can penetrate (that is, nullify) the damage cut ability to attack, so it is invincible with 95% of the damage cut ability. For some Reapers, this ancient gorilla is a deadly nemesis along with Charge Light.

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