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Common Name: Mastodon

Species: Mastodon Robustus

Time: Pleistocene

Temperament: Protective



Mastodon Robustus is a social, herding animal. They care for their young and are extremely protective, fighting anything that comes too close. Mastodon’s tusks are more straight than the Mammoths on the ark. They use these tusks as a way to brush through grass and bushes. The trunk then picks up the food like if it was a hand.


The coat of hair on the Mastodon is thick, so thick that arrows and bullets cannot reach the skin. Arrows and bullets don’t stop this beast from walking!



Mastodon can only be tamed while young. Survivors must separate the baby from its herd. Most tribes use Mastodon to collect fungi and fiber, but some tribes have built a special platform saddle that allows the Mastodon thick hair to be an offensive advantage.


Taming Process

Baby Mastodons are protected by the herd. Getting too close to a baby will cause the herd to target the player. If you are able to lead the baby far enough from the herd you can begin taming. The Baby mastodon will ask for Longrass, Rockarrot, Savoroot and Mejoberries.



  • M1 - Tusk attack

  • M2 - Stomp

  • C - Roar

    • Increases attack

    • Increases speed

    • Decreases Stamina

  • X - Cosmetic Roar



  • Projectile Damage Reduction

  • Immune to Net Gun

  • Insulation

  • Fear Roar Immune

  • Torpor Immune


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