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The Giant Moa - Dinornis Colossaeus




Dinornis, known affectionately as Moa, is a giant flightless bird found predominantly around the Island's mountains and forests, grazing on low-lying flora found within these habitats.

A Moa stands tall at about 3 meters at the hip. Their impressive size keeps them safe from the Island's smaller predators. For those brave enough to attempt to hunt one, they lash out with furious kicks and pecks. Their long, nimble legs push the Moa to reach impressive speeds when fleeing from large predators.

There are two fundamental reasons to tame a Moa. Their incredible speed for exploration and their greater survivability compared to similarly-sized mounts.

The broody nature of the Moa allows them to excel at caring for and incubating a tribe's eggs. When presented with an egg, a tamed Moa will immediately sit on it. It does come with risks as an incubating Moa parent will ignore threats, making them vulnerable.

The feathers of a Moa are hydrophobic and retain heat efficiently, allowing the riders of the Moa to keep warm even when traveling through the coldest regions.


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