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Himalayasaurus-The Ultimate Ichthyosaur



An Introduction to Himalayasaurus

Ragnarok has an absolutely wonderful ocean, with diverse and beautiful sub-biomes and underwater terrain such as the tuso trench and the shallows in the southeast. So, I present a new creature for the ocean, the giant ichthyosaur himalayasaurus. 

The real world's himalayasaurus was a primitive large ichthyosaur that lived during the triassic period. There is little fossil material attributed to the species, but enough for some unique traits to be recognized. First off, the teeth of himalayasaurus had unique edges designed to cut through skin and flesh with extreme efficiency. In addition, himalyasaurus had a very sturdy skeleton to survive the pressure of the deep ocean and large, developed eyes for optimal vision in low light environments. My concept for himalayasaurus in Ark focuses on being less powerful stat-wise compared to mosasaurus or tusoteuthis but having unique traits enhancing its matchups against certain creatures based on the traits found on the real-world species. 

Visual Reference


source: https://www.deviantart.com/giantchoy/art/Himalayasaurus-820899912

My Concept

Ark's himalayasaurus would spawn rarely in the deep oceans of Ragnarok, ideally in similar locations to mosasaurus. Himalayasaurus, being a carnivore, would also attack wild creatures around it with a large aggro range. Although it spawns in the deep ocean, himalayasaurus would not have a depth cap like that of mosasaurus and plesiosaurus, meaning if chasing a player, it can chase them all the way to the surface or even to the shore. 

The base stats of himalayasaurus would be as follows: 

Health: 3000

Stamina: 400

Food: 7000

Weight: 1000

Melee damage: 100%(wild)/175%(tamed) (this is the standard base stat for most ark creatures)

Movement speed: around 0.7x as fast as plesiosaurus, not too fast but not sluggish by any means. 

Torpor: 7000

Torpor drain: very fast

Breeding: Himalayasaurus would be breedable, with similar gestation/maturation times to plesios. 


Himalyasaurus would be a knockout tame, as I feel that would be sufficiently difficult with the environment of the deep ocean and himalayasaurus's high torpor stat and fast torpor drain. Himalayasaurus would require similar food to mosasaurus to tame, preferring exceptional kibble. 

Attacks & Passive Abilities


Left click is a bite, dealing 85 base damage with a medium attack speed. 

Right click is a tail swipe. Himalayasaurus swings its tail back and forth to deter enemies behind it. This deals two hits of 40 base damage. 

C is the Riptide Ravaging attack, a powerful bite with a cooldown. This attack deals 100 base damage and inflicts the Gnashed! effect. This attack has 20 seconds of cooldown after use.  

X is the Hadal Onslaught attack, a powerful long distance charge. Himalayasaurus puts on a burst of speed and charges forward. During this charge, the ability to turn is massively reduced, similar to while using the pheonix's spacebar ability. Upon impacting a creature, the charge ends and himalyasaurus bites down on the victim with heavy momentum, dealing 115 base damage and inflicting a 50% slowdown effect for 10 seconds. If himalayasaurus was below the mosa/plesio depth cap when the charge began, it is coated in a shield of high pressure water, giving it 50% damage resistance for the duration of the charge. If himalyasaurus impacts a creature above the depth cap with this shield, the shield shatters, creating a shockwave due to the sudden pressure change. This stuns the victim of the charge for 10 seconds (no dismount) and the bite at the end of the charge deals 30% extra damage. This attack can destroy stone and metal structures. 

Passive abilities: 

Keen eyesight: Himalayasaurs's keen eyesight give it immunity to any sight obscuring effects, such as tusoteuthis ink. In addition, himalyasaurus's aggression ignores any invisibility effects. For example, if you hit a wild himalayasaurus with a shadowmane and then went invisible, the himalyasaurus would not un-aggro, and would pursue and attack you as normal. 

Cutting-edge teeth: Himalyasaurus's specialized teeth allow it to cut through most protective armor. Himalyasaurus's attacks completely ignore any natural resistance. This includes things like the natural armor of shadowmanes and innate resistances of dunkleosteus or reapers. its attacks also ignore 50% of any saddle armor. 

Himalayasaurus is immune to being stunned by cnidaria, but is still slowed, similar to tusoteuthis. 


That is all for my concept of himalyasaurus in Ark. I do apologize for the lack of visuals, as I am horrible at drawing and there are very few reconstructions of himalyasaurus due to the fragmentary remains. However, I believe that himalayasaurus would be a unique creature to add to Ark and a good fit for Ragnarok's oceans. If you agree, please add your vote to this submission and feel free to make any suggestions in the replies. Thanks for reading!





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