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Gigatitan(Smaller than Rhyniognatha, but extremely dangerous)



Gigatitan is an extinct genus of titanopteran insect that lived in Kyrgyzstan during the Triassic period. The type species is G. vulgaris, described by Aleksandr Grigorevich Sharov in 1968.
Fossils of Gigatitan have been found in the Madygen Formation.
It is the type genus of the family Gigatitanidae, in which the closely related Nanotitan and Ootitan are also included.
Gigatitan was a large insect, type species, G. vulgaris is estimated to have wingspan up to 40 centimetres (16 in).
Although it had large wings, which hindwing area is close to modern large orthopteran Pseudophyllanax imperialis, body volume is estimated to be around 150% heavier than that species, suggesting Gigatitan was not able to fly, but probably able to glide.
In life, Gigatitan was a mantis-like predator, with forelegs that have similarly enlarged and bore spines for prey capture.
It had dark, transverse stripes on its wings, which is similar to modern diurnal mantis Blepharopsis mendica. Also, its wings were able to produce flashes which works only during day, and possibly it can substantially reduce predation from predators. These characters suggesting that Gigatian is diurnal predator.
As seen in other titanopteran insects, there are prominent fluted regions on the forewings, suggesting that may used for stridulation, but unlike modern crickets or katydids, both males and females of Gigatitan had wings for stridulation.
The ovipositor of Gigatitan bore sharp cutting ridges. These were likely used to excise holes in plant matter for oviposition, similar to some modern Orthoptera.


In the game, its face resembles a grasshopper or cricket, it has a mantis-like scythe, and is about half the size of a Rhyniognatha.
However, it is much more aggressive than Rhyniognatha, and can aggressively attack other creatures, including players, and even attack large creatures such as Tyrannosaurus without question.
In addition, it has high attack power and speed, and may perform a bleeding attack using a sickle in particular.
Taming method
Normally, taming is not possible, but in fact there are very rare Gigatitans with fertilized eggs, and you can get the fertilized eggs by defeating the Gigatitan.
Moreover, the probability of getting the fertilized egg is extremely low, and it is a level that you can finally get it after defeating 50 Gigatitan.
Luckily, they appear quite often, so you can beat them until you get the fertilized eggs.
And after getting a fertilized egg, the same conditions for hatching an Argentavis fertilized egg, it needs to be incubated at a fairly cold temperature, and if it gets any hotter it will not hatch.
And when hatched in cold temperatures, they can barely be tamed.
After taming
It has its own saddle and can be ridden with it.
Gigatitan can use a scythe bleed attack just like a wild one.
Moreover, its attack power and speed remain high, making it ideal for combat.
They are also omnivorous, so they can eat anything, whether it's berries or raw meat.
It can also fly and glide.
Additionally, you can collect more fiber by using a sickle.
You can also catch medium or small creatures around Equus and Raptor.
After that, it is possible to do heat detection in the same way as Snow Owl.

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