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Goronyosaurus, the ultimate ambush predator!



Name: Goronyosaurus Umbravenator

Dossier: Wild: Goronyosaurus are highly adaptable mosasaurs - small ones at that. They are found both in seas and lakes. In deep dark water they can more or less become invisible. As ambush predators, they can produce a rapid burst of speed, which drains their stamina. Unlike other creatures they need air and must surface. They do not expend oxygen if unmoving, though. They can also leap straight out of the water and impale targets, causing a bleed. Tamed: As knockout tames, they are hard to take down due to their speed. I recommend building above them so when they lunge they get stuck. They are highly sought mounts.

Abilities: Goronyosaurus are ambush predator mounts. Like in real life, they can go in freshwater and saltwater similarly to bull sharks. This makes them much smaller though. Goronyosaurus are meant to suit both chase and ambush roles. They're decently quick (speed is just less than that of ichthyosaurus so ichthys don't become useless), but then must stick to the surface in order to have oxygen ready for when they run out. They can also jump a bit out of the water when moving forward. They also have the ability to do a short stun to medium/small creatures with a tail slap.

As ambush predators, you can go deep underwater, and once deep enough you can see creatures above highlighted in a certain radius. You can also go invisible once this deep, without losing stamina. However, you must restrict your fast movements to conserve oxygen. By looking vertically when deep creatures in your way get marked. Then you can vertically launch upward, draining your stamina. If it is an ichthyosaurus or smaller, you will latch on to it and can deal pretty decent damage in this way. If it is bigger than an ichthy, you will deal a short bleed effect known as impaling (but dunkleosteus and megachelon don't get impaled due to their superior armor). Keep in mind that you can clear the surface when going vertically and attack flyers that get too close to the surface.

Appearance: Goronyosaurus are about the size of an ichthy, slightly bigger but only lengthwise. Their bellies are striped and their backs are dark. They are long and lean with four flippers and a sharp, pointy jaw.

Taming: Goronyosaurus must be knocked out, but this is hard since they are fast, really fast. Plus you may be at risk from its variety of attacks. A better way is to build a trap above and trick them into making a vertical lunge into the trap, but this is still fairly dangerous and the mount you are using may die.

Tamed: Goronyosaurus are good small underwater mounts, in a biome where the creature with the biggest damage and health pool is the best. They also make travelling by river more useful. Their invisibility may be useful for underwater artifacts, changing things up a bit.


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