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Opabinia. The auto collection aquatic tame that looks like an alien



Introducing the Opabinia, the alien like sea creature and your new gathering buddy



Opabinia is naturally skittish and avoids conflict in the wild, by the time you see it it’s 5 eyes have definitely seen you. It’s not uncommon for survivors to hear it squeal as it flees before they realise it’s there. Thankfully they do have a weakness, their love of food, dropping fish meat (or having fish corpses) nearby will cause them to cautiously approach allowing you the time to tranq it. The fact they spawn around beaches helps too since they are incredibly slow on land allowing them to be kited somewhere for easy taming, especially in pirate bay, just be wary of any sea scorpions that might want cause mischief.



being a bit bigger than a manta or an angler and on par with a large dolphin, it’s not the most powerful creature in the sea but it is one of the most maneuverable. It’s unique fins and biology allow it to turn on a dime and go up and down the water column much like the tapajara of the air as well as being able to swim at surprisingly fast speeds. 

opabinia’s elastic mouth is easily the weirdest part about it, and perhaps the most useful. When set to aggressive it’s mouth will snap up any fish within range automatically, allowing for some easy farming. on top of that piranhas and salmon don’t attack ether, you combine that with its small size, ability to go onto land and now you have the perfect river fishing Buddy!

the mouth can automatically grab and kill the following

coelocanths, trilobites, salmon, piranha, ichtyornis, pegomastax, dodo, compsognathus, most baby dinos and more!

speaking off, Opabinia’s legs do allow it to go onto land but it is incredibly slow while up there but considering it’s elastic mouth is perfect for snatching those pesky gulls when they try to mob it you might just want to plop it on a beach near you as ichthyornis control. On top of that the birds seem attracted to it, which is great news for both you and your passively feeding tame.

Opabinia can also ‘crawl’ through water that’s too shallow to swim in at a much faster speed than on land as long as it’s fins are wet, meaning no river is truly too shallow for this creature to travel through!

besides the automatic bite, it does have a manual bite attack that does decent damage as well as a tail flick (think what some shrimp do), this attack does less damage but it does send your Opabinia back, potentially out of range of your attacker but still in range of your own attacks. This ability to attack from a safe distance and maintain said distance means that those that are skilled enough can use Opabinia well in combat, just be mindful of its fragile nature.


Opabinia can be bred much like beelzebufo, despite being semi aquatic it needs to be in water to lay its egg. thankfully unlike the frogs, it’s young don’t go through a tadpole stage and are safe to call onto land to mature.



final thoughts.

All in all Opabinia would be a unique and likely useful addition to the game, especially on Ragnarok given its river systems and just the sheer lack of Cambrian reputation in not just Ark but in prehistoric media as a whole.

also I’ll have art for thise creature coming on the way soon, so stay tuned for that.  

goodbye for now though, and as always happy voting!!

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