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Introducing Balhuticaris, The Living Scuba Gear





Common Name: Balhuticaris


Species: Balhuticaris scubatae


Time: Camrbian


Diet: Piscivore


Temperament: Docile


Wild: Balhuticaris scubatae lives in the ocean where very few predators attack it, with every large ocean predator considering it too small for sustenance. It often feeds off smaller fish in the sea, which can easily catch thanks to its ear-like flippers,  making it one of the fastest creatures I’ve seen swim. Balhuts have a symbiotic relationship with some semi-aquatic creatures, where in exchange for larger prey, they provide clear vision underwater through their tail. Their tail can attach to the spinal cord of a creature and combine their optic system with its partner.  Balhut also strangely secretes powerful electrolytes that can be absorbed through the host skin, allowing them to stay better hydrated when they come into contact with water.


Balhutcaris also had amazing senses, almost never being able to be caught off guard. Balhuts are not easy to approach, they are easily scared off by almost everything, however, they do love shiny objects. 


Domesticated: Once domesticated, Balhuts can be extremely good house pets, being surprisingly cute and friendly once they are used to their owner. However, their main use is underwater, where they can use their flippers to boost swimming maneuverability underwater. Their love for all things shiny also leads them to automatically find underwater supply crates and steal anything off the crate. They also have amazing sight out of water, and can warn its owner of danger. 




Wild Information: Balhuts, being the size of a Sinomacrops, will spawn alone in the ocean, with shipwrecks being its most spawned area. They eat smaller Coels, with bigger ones hunting it, which it will then run away. It will run away from players.


Taming Information: The Balhut will not run away and be attracted to the presence of silica pearls. Once near silica pearls, they can be fed raw fish meat or regular kibble, being their favorite. Need to be Level 50 to tame.



Balhuts are shoulder tames which are set on the back of any survivor. Once the survivors run with it, it will be barely hanging on with its lower body floating in the air. The Balhuts do need water to live, their high oxygen stat will go down while out of water. However, it will show the survivor how much oxygen the Balhut got, and can be replenished once touching water, rain, or if a canteen, waterjar, or water skin is used in the Balhuts inventory. Its oxygen will not go down while standing still.


While on Shoulder: 


Scuba Vision/Flappers: The Balhut will give its owner increased movement speed while underwater. Can stack with flippers. Also gives better underwater vision to its owner.


Hydration: Give Hydrated effect to the owner when they touch or consume water for 15 seconds. Has a 45 cooldown


Auto Grab: Balhut can show the player through an icon all underwater/cave drops through a 50 foundation radius. It will automatically grab underwater/cave supply crates without having to access the inventory. It will do the same for Beaver Dams, but will only grab the Silica Pearls and Cementing Paste, then destroy the Dam. It can also be thrown off the shoulder to do the same.


While Off Of Shoulder


Drown Target: Once whistled onto the target underwater, it will wrap itself around a small target and decrease its swimming speed by 70%. Can swing to be released from grab, like Bloodstalker.


Other Information: Can only be bred underwater. Breeding and Raising stats are similar to Sinomacrops. Inventory can be accessed without having to throw off shoulders. Can be hit with bola and net.


Gameplay Uses: Balhut are similar to Sinomacrops, where they are not really PVP or PVE tames, but just a convenient tame all together. They increase movement speed underwater and help see clearly underwater, making going underwater a lot more enjoyable without having to make Scuba gear. Its Hydrated buff is also very useful, allowing survivors to travel faster near bodies of water. Its autograb is also very useful, allowing people to grab a whole underwater/cave drop with the press of a button. Plus doing the same thing with Beaver Dams, with the exception of the wood and flower/mushrooms, is something also Ark players would love. The Balhut does have extra PVP uses, however, being able to act as a warning system, similar to lightputs, except a lot better at it. Its drowning ability also is a counter to anybody underwater, even people with Scuba Flippers. The Balhut does have very minor conveniences. Survivors need to worry about its Water stat and make sure it doesn’t dehydrate to death. Its drown is very easily counterable.It whole gimmick is also very situational and isn’t a shoulder put you would rock all the time.


I wanted more Cambrian creatures in Ark because they are so weird looking, you would expect them to be a Wildcard original creature, but turn out they actually existed, which really gives light to the crazy amount of insane looking organisms that lived on our planet. While Balhuticaris is the most crazy Cambrian creature, it sure is one of the cutest, and can potentially be very expressive. The whole Scuba gimmick is of course based off its giant earlike flipper on its head. Its complex sight is also based on real life, with Balhutsicaris being described as having complex sensory systems.

Overall, Balhuticaris would be a very convenient and fun creature to Ark.


Pictures: (None of these images are owned by myself)




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