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Introducing the Facivermis, the Bizzare Lunger





Common Name: Facivermis


Species: Facivermis Locosomnium


Time: Cambrian


Diet: Carnivore


Temperament: Short-Tempered



If I were to describe Facivermis Locovermis in one word, it would be insanity. This giant worm has 10 arms and an elastic posterior shaped like a bulb (that as it turns out is literally a light bulb) lives deep underwater. If it wasn’t crazy enough, these things use their ends to anchor themselves to the seafloor and lunge at anything that it can grab, the largest I’ve ever seen being Megaladons, however if it just wanted a little snack, then it will use its illuminated tail to attract unfortunate prey, and finish them off with a heavy blow with the same tail. To top it all off, these things also rarely live in swamp areas, where it competes with even Spinosaurus, being able to bully them around with heavy blows from its tail. What can’t this tail do?


Facivermis isn’t a force of nature however, it is very vulnerable to loud sounds, and can even start to come immobilized from it. If you can somehow manage to kill these worms, you can harvest its bulb to get the bioluminescent gel or use it as a siege weapon.



Normal tranqs do not work on Facivermis, however if something soft and smooth were to deal heavy enough impact damage to Facivermis without it breaking open its head, it could theoretically get knocked out. I have seen domesticated Facivermis be surprisingly playful and loyal to its owners, almost like a dog or cat would, and I even caught one playing with some baby creature within the tribe. Facivermis are also ruthless in battle, with it being able to use its utility tail for a multitude of things, including throwing it at creatures, using it as an anchor, and even throwing it into the air and using the momentum to send it flying. I’ve even seen the bioluminescent chemical in its tail being able to be lit on fire without bothering the Facivermis at all. God got real creative with this one.




Wild Information: Facivermis are a little bit bigger than a Wyvern and will spawn in groups up to 2-3 deep underwater or very rarely in the swamps.  It will attack any creature up to a Rex in the wild. If far away, it will use its Tail Throw. Underwater, its tall will be anchored to the ground, and if anything up to a Megalodon comes toward it, it will lunge at it and start to thrash its target. If a creature roars or explosions go off, then the Facivermis will recoil. If drums or any other rapid sound are played near the Facivermis for long enough, then it will stay stunned for about 10 seconds as shown by a special animation.


Taming Information: Facivermis is a knock out tame similar to Rock Golem and Karkinos where you have to hit its head to deal torpor. The gimmick of this taming method is it has to be hit with a Facivermis tail to deal torpor. There are two ways of doing this. A) Having another Facivermis use it Tail Throw at the head of another Facivermis. B) Climbing up a Facivermis back while stunned will cause it to wind up a tail attack and hit its head. After its knocked out, it can only be fed with Angler Gel and a lot of it, but its food does goes down really quickly


Creature abilities:


Passive: If lit on fire, it gets the Ignition buff. If the tail is damaged only 50% of damage will be inflicted on the Facivermis. If Angler Gel and a torch combine in its inventory, it will receive the Ignition Buff for 30 seconds


New Buff: Ignition

Tail attacks will now do fire damage.


New Debuff: Startled

Startled is applied when enemy roars or explosions are set off near Facivermis. Startled is a percent based debuff, with 1-99% making Facivermis 10% slower and 20% stamina drain, and 100% dismounting the rider, making him ignore whistle commands, and making him 30% slower with the same stamina debuff. The larger the creature or explosion is, the more Startled is applied. For example a Giga roar will give 15% Startled while a Sinomacrop roar will give it 5%. Another example would be grenade will only give 8%, while rockets while give 20%


First Ability, or RT:


Jab: Does a simple jab melee attack with its arms. Does around the same damage as a Dire Bear. If held in the air, it will be able to grab


Second Ability: LT


Tail Swipe: Facivermis will do a above average damage tail swipe with large AOE and high knockback, but will be slow and has end lag, think of it like a Bronto. Ignore armor. Uses a large amount of stamina.


Third Ability: Hold LT 


Tail Throw: Once LT is held, it will show a reticle and once released the Facivermis will throw its tail. If used on or a little bit above ground level, it will throw its tail without moving to do massive damage and a lot of knockback. Has a 8 second cooldown, has a 15 foundation radius, and completely destroys structure up to stone, but barely damages metal. Ignore armor.  If a target is not hit, then it will leave its tail exposed for a second.  If an attack is used on the head of any cannon/catapult tamed, then it will deal torpor. If Facivermis has Ignition, then once the tail makes an impact, it will explode and cause fire damage and then get rid of Ignition. 


Fourth Ability:


Tail Fling: Once used, it will send the tail flying in the air with the Facivermis falling behind and while dealing moderate damage and knockback on landing. If the Right Stick is pressed during this process, then wherever the tail lands it will be its anchor.


Fifth Ability: Down on Right Stick


Anchor: Facivermis will anchor itself to whatever surface it is on. If used on a vertical surface, it can dangle from its anchor. Facivermis can go 20 foundations away from its anchor. Get rid of Ignition. 


Sixth Ability: LT while Anchored:


Lunge: Facivermis will lunge at a reticle from a 20 foundation radius and bring back to its anchor. It will go on its back and if RT is held, it will start thrashing and dealing high damage to whatever it grabs for 10 seconds or if enough damage is dealt to it.


Seventh Ability: Down on Right Stick while Anchored:


Reel In: Facivermis will quickly go back to its anchor point, if pressed again it will detach.


Eighth Ability: LB then Hold Right Stick:


Lure: It will start to glow its tail, causing wild creatures and tamed creatures to follow to the light.


Ninth Ability:  LB then Hold Right Stick

Toggle Climb/Sink: Can climb on surfaces like Rock Drake and can sink to the bottom of water like Karkinos.


Other Information: 

Immune to radiation. Immune to fall damage. Can breathe underwater.  Anything bigger than a Quetzal can pick it up. Has to be bred underwater and its breeding stats are similar to a Spino. The saddle is unlocked at level 85. It drops a unique item called a Facivermis Bulb. It can be put into a mortar and pestle crafted into 50 Facivermis Gel, which is a substitute for Organic Polymer or Angler Gel, or can be put on a catapult, which then acts like a larger version of Plant Z seeds. Emotes with the player, similar to Bloodstalker. Can’t be hit with bola, but can be hit with a net. Weapons cannot be used on this creature.


Gameplay Uses: Facivermis’s role in the meta is to be a wildcard tame, sort of like a Reaper or a Wyvern. It's a creature that can just show up out of nowhere and turn a whole battle around. Its mobility and insane range/ crowd control can change up a whole strategy in an instant. It can counter most creatures in the game, with the largest creature it can grab being a wyvern/quetzal out of the air and on land being Stego and Mammoths. It also has tools to distance enemy dinos and players and are able to retreat quickly. It can even lure away enemy dinos from enemy players right into a turret wall or high damage dino. The biggest benefit of the creature is that it can attack from anywhere and completely counter an enemy raid. However, if any enemy player prepares for a Facivermis, they will be highly rewarded. It has a smaller healthpool for its size, meaning enemy fire can take one out quickly. Its tail attack requires a large amount of stamina and can be used without it, so if you can get a Facivermis on the run, it can’t run for long. Also offensive creatures such as Gigas, Rexes, Spinos, and Reapers cannot be grabbed, so can rush down a Facivermis that is low on stamina. Even faster creatures such as Mana and Bloodstalker, while not being immune to the grab, are highly mobile and hard to hit, and can easily shut it down with their crowd control/grabbing abilities. It cannot move while it has something grabbed, so it is completely vulnerable to attacks, This is not to mention its main counter being loud sounds. The Startled effect might go away quickly and can be rather hard to stack, but once a Facivermis is Startled, it can turn the tide of a battle a lot like a Giga rage. For any PVE player, the creature will be a pretty mobile and good damage tame to be used, not to mention it can grab Quetzal out of the sky without harming it and it can knock out pesky cannon/catapult tames.


Overall, this creature, like the Reaper and Wyvern, can completely change encounters over its head and does it in a unique and fun way. This creature could affect the meta a ton, or a moderate amount, just depending on how it is balanced. It can bring a new challenge to the game, but also solve a lot of problems at the same time.


I wanted more Cambrian creatures in Ark because they are so weird looking, you would expect them to be a Wildcard original creature, but turn out they actually existed, which really gives light to the crazy amount of insane looking organisms that lived on our planet. The Facivermis really caught my eye in terms of looks and potential. It's one of those creatures that could've just been as large as its real life counterpart, only a couple of cm, but can be enlarged to take full advantage over its unique appearance. Its lunging attacks are actually how it hunted in real life, attaching itself to the seafloor, then grabbing anything it can find. The idea for it having a flammable tail actually comes from its name translating to “torch worm.


Pictures: (None of which are owned by myself)




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