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Hypsilophodon the invisibility cloak and small dino buffer and heat protection



Hypsilophodon is a small dino that lived between 100.5 millions years ago to 145 and was found around Albian in the cretaceous 

Tameing method  Hypsilophodon is a herbivorous dino that likes rare flowers it is a knockout tame that needs to be protected during its feed as dinos around will not like it munching on the flowers 


Hypsilophodon acts as a invisibility cloak shielding its user with its tail that offers heat resistance and turns the user near invisible but this comes at the cost of its hunger It will also act as a less effective guilli suit but mix with guilli it makes you near impossible to spot 

Were to find Hypsilophodons they are mostly found near water where they will spawn in groups of 1 to 4 but can be found near the obelisks but in smaller groups of 1 to 2 they run away like mesopithicus if you get too close 

It also has a turret use as a small dino buffer when it calls it invigorates small dinos to hit a bit faster and heal a lil quicker this has a 30 seconds cool down but the effect lasts 20 seconds image.png.2d1745b2e1df972d2b3bcd4a8d9ac03d.png

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