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Titanis Walleri the Giant Terror Bird



Name: Titanis Walleri, the Giant Terror Bird!

Time Period: Pliocene

Temperment: Extremely Aggressive

Diet: Carnivore 

Mount / Saddle: Yes


Titanis Walleri is a terrifying sight to behold. These giant terror birds are far larger than their smaller cousin phorusrhacidae rapidesultor, standing anywhere from 15-20' tall. These birds are extremely aggressive, and extremely fast. Any survivor who finds themselves being chased by one best hope they have a net gun ready... or the giant terror bird's beak will shred them apart. Its said their beaks are so sharp that no armour can stop its pierce. 


Titanis Walleri is not an easy tame. Some survivors have found they have a serious taste for eggs of the Scorched Earth's inhabitants... especially wyvern eggs. They seem to be able to tell the difference between wild eggs and eggs from tamed wyverns... preferring the wild ones by far. Offer at your own risk! Once tamed, giant terror birds are an extremely fast and agile mount you can draw weapons on. Their speeds rival that of the gallimimus and they can turn on a dime. They are fast enough they can run through bear traps and that turrets seem to have a hard time locking onto them at top speed. Their beaks are also so sharp they ignore any armour or resistance an enemy survivor or creature may have. Any...

Info and uses, etc:

I intended this dino as something new we haven't gotten for awhile with some specific uses to both game modes. I sized it up a bit from real life to help distinguish it from the current terror bird. Being extremely fast, at top speed it moves as fast as a galli. With the speed meter filled , it can run thru large bear traps and have turrets miss some shots at it. This makes for an effective turret wall running mount. Its basic attacks ignore all armour survivors have on. Regardless whether you're wearing cloth or cap tek , youre going to take the same amount. It also would bypass boss resistances (looking at you manticore) and reaper resistances. 

disclaimer: photo is not mine and taken from google. 


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