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Coahuilaceratops(The Rhino of the Cretacious)




General facts

Coahuilaceratops(Ornithischia).  The rhino of the late Cretaceous. Lived in Coahuila Mexico, hence the name. it was a relatively small ceratopsian Measuring at 6ft tall and 22 ft long . However don't judge its size too early. It was estimated to have 4ft long horns for both male and female species. Which they primarily used for display and for "sparring". And its broad legs allowed it to move swiftly. it would normally hang out in packs of 3. 


Its behavior is fairly territorial and will fight anything that gets in their territory. However when its alone it is cautious and it will show its curriosity towards humans (who have no weapon out) 


it should be a passive tame allowing it to earn your trust by chucking honey in front of it repeatedly . until you can feed it passively at this point you should tame it normally. And once tamed you should be able to unlock It at lvl 60 or so (please feel free to change it as needed)

Abilities in Ark 

Coahuilaceratops will be able to harvest wood and thatch efficiently with a weight reduction of about 1/4 on wood. And it will have a decent weight capacity of around (600) for a 150 tame.  And it should have a ramming Charge that you will have to charge up that will impale small-medium sized creatures and then (Automatically) flinging them off causing Impaling bleed and a 9 second stamina drain. And for larger creatures it should have a headbutt that goes from down to up headbutt should deal the same dammage as the charge roughly 250 or more damage for a (150 tame) with no levels into melee. inflicting a 9 second stamina drain with a 4 second gnashing effect (no Slow down).  (Note Stamina drain won't affect bosses).  And for crowd control it should have a stunning back kick attack that causes medium damage roughly 150 (with no Levels). And for the health it should have roughly 7,000 or more for a base 150 tame. 

Purpose in the meta 

This is the first stamina draining dino that has ever been brought to Ark. And I feel like it could be good for pvp. For support in taking down bigger dinos allowing you to help your allies to push the front against an army. And with imprints it could be a decent choice for boss runs.  And Ark really really needs stronger herbivores and I think it could be the perfect balance. in cave running, boss fights, and tribe wars. 


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