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design Smok wawelski




This giant was found in Lisowice, Poland. Its name refers to a dragon from Polish folklore that, according to legend, lived in a cave very close to where the remains of this enormous reptile were found.

Dossier improvised:

Smok usurpātor (Smok wawelski)


It is unknown to my knowledge exactly. This species being the closest thing to a dragon (Smok). It looks like some kind of theropod reptile from the Triassic period. From what little I can identify with the plain sight.

The specimen seems to be in a constant rage, attacking predators even larger than itself, usurping their territory and attacking in a bloody frenzy that prevents its prey from trying to escape its claws and jaws. He doesn't care if his target is an adult Rex. And I've even seen it snap the neck of a giganoto without presenting any problems.

For some bloody reason, he does it only with dinosaurs and not with mammals or other reptiles. ¿Why does Smok want to wipe him off the face of the earth and in such a macabre way? I don't question it, but I don't want to live that fateful destiny.


With his power and fury, Smok is capable of delivering crushing blows with his jaws, so brutal that they instantly kill most smaller creatures, regardless of their armor or health level, crushing them with his massive size and fury. Preventing its rider from being dismounted. With this power, Smok would be a ticket to victory in any raid.

However, Smok is physically weaker than a Rex, it is the rage and fury the creature feels towards dinosaurs that grants it this brutal strength against dinosaurs. 

It will not send the usual rex, but a group of battle-trained mammals or reptiles; anything that is not a dinosaur. This alone makes Smok much easier to deal with.

However, whoever gets his hands on a Smok, will have little to fear from any of the usual predators.


I have been thinking that it would be by K.O. but to make it more dynamic, I would like it to be through a trap and that with a roar like the one of the Acrocanthosaurus of Ark additions mod you can give him the narcotic (not necessarily you have to attack him to make the roar) it can happen every 1 min or 2 and then go down to 30 secs when you give him the first narcotic. Ideally, to provoke the roar, bring some dinosaur like the rex, giga, spino, any large predator to provoke the state of fury and thus make the roar.


When the baby is born, it will start attacking everything it sees without caring about the size of its opponents... Unless it is close to its mother, it will be chased until it reaches its youth.


It's just an idea, so it's open to improvements from the community :)

Attached are some images of what Smok would have looked like and a wiki for more information on this little known creature. Having few studies, the size of the creature is not known exactly, but it opens to the idea that it is slightly larger than the allosaurus but small for a rex. 








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