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The Albertosaurus can often be found surrounded by a pack of troodons these two have a symbiotic relationship with the Albertosaurus fighting off larger predators and the troodons defending the Albert while it sleeps at night.


The Albertosaurus can compress and expand its spinal chord ranging from the size of a bary to the size of an allo in its small form the Albertosaurus can jump long distances sprint at high speeds and has a stealth that reduces the aggro of other dinos and gives a small damage reduction, however this form has rather lackluster weight and health with only average melee.

In its large form the Albertosaurus has a bleed effect on its attacks as well as a stomp attack that will slow down nearby creatures once this form will also have a super attack similar to a shadowmane. This form lacks stamina and speed but has great melee and health as well as an average weight.


To tame the Albertosaurus you have to sneak up on it while it is sleeping killing the entire troodon pack then you access the Albert's inventory placing an artifact inside upon doing this the Albertosaurus will go into a rage changing into its large form then chasing the survivor then to finish the taming the survivor has to drop hunter trophies as the Albertosaurus gives chase then the Albertosaurus is yours.


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Often referred to as the little brother of the Rex, Albertosaurus Fonias is just equally as terrifying to encounter. Due to lacking the brute strength of his much larger competitors, Albertosaurus is a hunter of stealth. When approaching it's prey, Albertosaurus will make near to no sound, which often causes it being noticed too late. And if that isn't scary enough for you, Albertosaurus can detect prey from kilometers away, due to their great sense of smell. That being said, if Tyrannosaurus is the Lion of the island and Carnotaurus the Cheetah, then Albertosaurus is the Leopard. 


The keen sense of smell makes Albertosaurus an appealling mount for seasoned hunters. It can differenciate between several species and search out the target that the hunter wants to take out. A prehistoric hunting dog if you think about it. But not just hunters, also warrior tribes make use of Albertosaurus because of it's stealth. When Albertosaurus has found it's target, it will get into a crouching position, and creep up to it's prey. During the approach, the Albertosaurus will make near to no sound, which makes it also a great assassin to take out scouts.


Albertosaurus Fonias has a habit for going aggressively against prey smaller than itself, which also includes humans. Infact, Albertosaurus is one of the greatest, if not the greatest maneater on the island. The reasons why Albertosaurus has such a taste for humanblood might include competition among other carnivores. Larger carnivores such as Tyrannosaurus or Allosaurus pretty much outcompete the Albertosaurus in it's hunting grounds, which is probably why it resolved to hunt easier prey like humans.


Albertosaurus is an above average sized carnivore, standing taller than the likes of Carnotaurus yet slightly smaller than Allosaurus. It is covered in spikes and has a colorful flap underneath it's throat. Overall the similarity to modern iguanas. It sports proportionally long legs, making it a fast runner. It's arms on the other hand are just as ridiculously small as those of Tyrannosaurus.  


Base Stats and Growth

Health: 550 (+5,4%)

Stamina: 500 (+10%)

Oxygen: 150 (+10%)

Food: 3000 (+10%)

Weight: 320 (+4%)

Melee Damage: 40 (+1,7 %)

Movement Speed: 100% (+1%)

Torpidity: 900



KO Strategy



Albertosaurus is a carnivore  you should not cross path with unprepared. It has the speed and the strength to tear clueless survivors apart. And to make it worse, you won't hear it coming. it has also a fairly big aggro range and will prioritize the player over bigger creatures. Proper weaponary is therefore recommended. Albertosaurus also deals a fair amount of damage and is capable to bite it's opponent with high speed repeatedly. It is one of the faster carnivores, so outrunning it will be quite challenging.


Albertosaaurus is without a doubt a ferocious fighter that can hold it's own but large apex predators like Tyrannosaurus or Spinosaurus should make quick work with it. Firearms can also kill an Albertosaurus rather quick, which gives high level players an edge. The roar of the Yutyrannus can also make the Albertosaurus retreat. An Allosaurus and the Albertosaurus are evenly matched in 1v1 combat and also have the same dps, but in groups the Allosaurus will overpower the Albertosaurus, thanks to their leader's bleed and resistance buff.


Albertosaurus is great for tracking targets. When using it's smell ability it can make out a wished target over a certain range. This makes searching for creatures to tame a lot easier. It's second ability, the stealth ability, will make it go into a crouch position. In this state it will make no noise and wild creatures do not notice it. When it does get close enough, it will charge towards it's target at a speed amplified up to 1,5x times for up to 10 seconds.

Ark Albertosaurus.png

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Cryodrakon - what is it?
the Cryodrakon was a large azhdarchid pterosaur rivaling the quetz in size! found in canada in 1972 and named in 2019.


the Cryodrakon would rarely spawn on top of snowy peaks, it would be aggresive to all flying creatures, it would use its icy presence to passivly freeze anything that gets near it,
the Cryodrakon is a mid - fast speed flyer just barely outpacing an Argent .

The Ctyodrakon is innately scared of fire, to tame it you have to "break the ice" in a sort of way by either lighting it on fire or just having a torch put on a creature's saddle and being nearby a Cryodrakon, after being melted for long enough the cryodrakon's ice would melt and it would now be able to be tranqed.

after being tamed the Cryodrakon would be a flyer just faster than an argent, it would not be able to pick up any creatures.  fortitude would be a stat you can level on the Cryodrakon to return the passive ice damage, increase defense, and possibly increase speed by some amount, the cryodrakon would also act as a living fridge, anything in its inventory would have its spoil time increased, and it would be increased more with a higher fortitude level.  The cryodrakon would be an effective battle mount, the colder the environment the more damage it would do (a cryodrakon in jotunheim would be terrifying)

please consider voting for the Cryodrakon, we need more azhdarchids in game


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Albertosaurus was a theropod that lived until the late Cretaceous between 74 and 69.6 million years ago. His remains were found in the south-central area of Alberta, in Canada, North America.

It could measure up to 8 meters long and weigh up to 3 tons. Its speed was around 14km/h and 21km/h and it was believed that its maximum speed was 30km/h.


Its taming would be passive as long as you do not get close and although its diet is carnivorous, i would suggest taming it with honey to give this item more use and referring to its country of origin (Canada) well, when you see an Albertosaurus you will have to leave honey neam him so that he starts feeding and thus his taming bar will rise, if he sees you the taming is canceled and he will started attacking you.


Its main attack is a bite that deals high damage. He has two abilities. The first is a passive abillity would be a speed boost as you run something like the Wholly Rhino and Dire Bear. The second abilitie would be a damage and resistence boots when it has less than 10% health.


I'm sorry for my translation, I'm spanish-speaking  and I'm not very good at english but I hope you liked my proposal :)



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Está criatura es carnívoro  es de la familia del t rex  andaba en grupo si saliera en ark su tameo sería dormirlo  su montura se desbloquearla al nivel 20 y  en cuanto sus habilidades serían fufo de grupo desangrando cuando y cuando esté en grupo tenga una habila que le permita curase después de matar una criatura   

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The albertosaurus is my suggestion of a dinosaur to add, First I am going to tell you about its appearance in The island, it can spawn in the mountains, the beaches, on the meat island as well as in the oberssier's cave, it can eat only meat in addition to Being able to eat the superior kibble, it can be mounted by different mounts such as the primitive skin, another metal as an armor in addition to a tek armor which can be obtained by killing the dragon. This dinosaur has different abilities such as a great bite, a roar which makes the dinosaurs around it become its allies, also a great rush which can break wooden, straw and stone structures, as well as a stomp. it instills the same respect as a tyrannosaurus, the albertosaurus has different versions such as the normal version of a lifetime, the aberrant version, the X and the corrupted version, finally the albertosaurus can appear on the island, scorched earth, aberration, extinction and in Genesis 2. Well that was the Albertosaurus my dinosaur suggestion in Ark. Regards!!!!Albertosaurus.jpg.5e751e8e31fecc8c70071fc986f61d5d.jpg

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Este será un dino un poco mas grande que un rex casi siempre ira en manada como los allosaurus que tendrá la utilidad de un tanque con la montura puesta la cual tendrá blindaje por la parte de la cabeza hasta los brazos y un arma montada que podrás utilizar como torreta o como como cañón, será parecida a la armadura tek del rex pero esta tendrá una reducción exagerada contra las balas(incluyendo torretas)por la parte de adelante y además su modo de disparo de cañón tendrá mas velocidad de bala que el de el cañón normal sus únicas debilidades serán explosivos disparar por la parte de atrás o usar su baja velocidad a tu favor

Los ataque que podría tener serian un pisotón que desmote a los jugadores enemigos una mordida un poco mas débil que la de un rex pero mas rápida y una envestida como la del triceratops pero que haría mas daño y destruya estructuras

Su tameo será especial tendrás que bajarle la vida a menos del 20 porcieto y este se tirara al suelo debilitado(esto no pasara si esta tameado) después de eso tendrás que usar el rugido de un rex yutiranus mamut o cualquier dino que pueda rugir cerca de el y así sabrá quien manda y será tuyo

(se pude usar sin montura pero no tendrá las mismas cualidades)




This will be a dino a little larger than a rex almost always will go in herd like the allosaurus that will have the utility of a tank with the mount on which will have armor from the head to the arms and a mounted weapon that you can use as a turret or as a cannon, It will be similar to the Tek armor of the Rex but this will have an exaggerated reduction against bullets (including turrets) on the front and also its gun firing mode will have more bullet velocity than the normal cannon His only weaknesses will be explosive shooting from the back or using his low velocity to your advantage.

The attack that could have would be a stomp that disassemble to the enemy players a bite a little weaker than that of a rex but faster and a cloaked like the triceratops but that would do more damage and destroy structures



Your tameo will be special you will have to lower the life to less than 20 percent and this will be thrown to the ground weakened (this will not happen if it is tamed) after that you will have to use the roar of a rex yutiranus mammoth or any dino that can roar near it and so you will know who commands and it will be yours

(can be used without a frame but will not have the same qualities)









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Albertosaurus was a medium sized tyrannosaur that would have hunted in packs, It was around the size of allosaurus and megalosaurus but looked very much like its larger cousin the mighty tyrannosaurus rex but slightly sleeker.


In game albertosaurus would be like allosaurus but a little slower and with slightly more health and melee damage,

it would be rideable saddle-less and tamed via stealing its eggs. it would get a small stack-able bonus to damage and armor for each other friendly albertosaurus near it and give passive warmth to a creature riding it in the cold. when a tamed albertosaurus roars at an enemy creature or player wild albertosauruses would attack the target (and count as friendly for the purposes of the bonus to damage and armor). wild albertosauruses would be neutral to tamed ones and players riding them.

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Está imponente depredador es de la familia del t rex vivo en Alberta de hai  su nombre si saliera en ark sería una criatura carnívoro su tameo dormirlo y habilidades bufo de grupo   curarse nivel requerido para su montura 23  tamaño 10 metros de Longitud  peso aproximado 4 toneladas temperamento  agresivo 

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