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Siats, the sleepy giga



Siats is an elusive beast found exclusively on the center. It has the raw power of a Rex. However, similar to the megalosaurus, it has the need to sleep. In exchange, it gets a night buff, providing strength of an extra 40% to the stats of health, damage, stamina, speed, and weight. This allows it to on take down among the most powerful creatures on the center.


How to tame:

Approach the Siats while it is sleeping in the day. You can walk up to it without waking it up, and ca. enter a mount. You must stay on the Siats for the 500 second timer. The Siats can not take more than 500 damage and has to kill a certain amount of creatures based on level. For example, at level one, it could take about 5 diplodocus.



Move 1: A bite that inflicts torpidity slowly but effectively. The torpidity increases by about the average tranq arrow per bite. This is because of a special venom in its mouth. The torpidity can only be inflicted at night.

Move 2: A bite/grab That dismounts an enemy and hold them, Slowly doing damage for 20 seconds.

Move 3: A tail whip like a reaper.

Move 4: An athstetic roar.


Siats can spawn in the redwoods and the center of the center. Mountains also can spawn them, but very rarely.


Siats are also good at raiding. During the day they can break up to stone. At night they can break even metal teir.


Their saddle is unlocked at level 76 and is nothing out of the ordinary. A second saddle called the raid saddle is unlocked at level 100. This complete shields the rider, along with having the purpose of being a mobile fabricator.


They look like an allosaurus, but just smaller than a Rex. They also have the megalosaurus type feathers down its back.

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Siats meekerorum pode ser um fazendeiro carnívoro. onde ele poderia, além de cultivar carne e couro, conseguir cultivar muita fibra e palha com suas garras e com sua cabeça, ele poderia cultivar rochas e metais. ele se esquiva de ataques à distância que, de outra forma, consumiriam muita resistência.

este é o nosso agricultor canívoro


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