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creature submission Sillosuchus Longicervix, the giant walking grapple hook.



Sillosuchus longicervix is a giant hervivorous bipedal dinosaur closely related to crocodilomorphs.

The idea i have for this animal is for it to be a giant organic grappeling hook, but with a couple more uses.

Sillosuchus would have a extremly long prehensile tongue similar to chameleons, this tongue would be used as a grappleing hook being able to grab onto surfaces, while grabbed onto a surface sillosuchus would be able to move left, right, up or down. The tongue could also grab onto dinosaurs with heavier weight than it, being able to atack them while riding them. The tongue would also be able to grab things with substancially less weight than it, being able to grab them and pull them torwards the sillosuchus.

The tongue would have a torpor effect on players and dinosaurs alike, no matter of the weight.

Sillosuchus tongue could also be used to grab items or resources, being able to grab things like vegetation including bushes, trees, cacty, etc and also sand and pearls.

Sillosuchus would be semi aquatic but it would be slow in the water.

Sillosuchus taming would be a little bit similar to dinopithecus.

Sillosuchus would spawn in herd of 3 to 4 these being agressive to players and small dinosaurs, they would spawn with 2 or 3 females and one male, to tame sillosuchus you need to kill the females, after this the male will become tamable with torpor.

Sometimes colonies of sillosuchus will spawn, having up to 5 females 2 males and 1 matriarch.

Matriatchs would be bigger versions of normal females, being the only female of sillosuchus that can be tamable.

To tame matriarchs you must kill every other sillosuchus, females and males alike.


Sillosuchus (the biggest one)



Gabriel N. U. on Twitter: "Shuvosaurids where 3 genera of Triassic,  bipedal, beaked, theropod-like #pseudosuchians. This is Sillosuchus  longicervix #paleoart https://t.co/KRR2DhRv3Y" / Twitter

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